For more than 20 years, PLM solutions deployed in the transport and mobility sector have drastically reduced the time to market for new vehicles, optimised their costs and improved their quality, and today the industry faces many challenges: safety and environmental standards, strong competition, changing uses and user expectations.


CHALLENGES: Major changes that transform business processes

Reducing the carbon footprint and integrating an eco-friendly approach

Environmental issues are at the heart of everyone’s concerns. Car manufacturers must therefore design vehicles with increasingly low or zero CO2 emissions. Research in recent years has significantly improved the performance of electric and hybrid cars. In order to comply with environmental standards and consumer requirements, car manufacturers are increasingly turning to “clean energy”. This adoption requires us to question their industrial processes.


Constant and fast launch onto the market while continuing to innovate

The stakeholders in the transport and mobility industry face strong competition. The dilemma therefore arises between research and development of ever more innovative products and ever faster commercialization.


On the one hand, a desire to offer vehicles with new and original features and on the other hand the need to remain a key player in its market. It is essential to find a solution that reconciles these two imperatives.


Control projects, costs, complexity and deliverables

One of the challenges of the transport and mobility industry is to control all the elements of a project. With customer requirements, regulations, competition, new technologies and above all the different tools needed to develop a project, it is more and more difficult for manufacturers to easily handle all the steps.


Whether it is design, simulation, planning or production scheduling, a project requires a set of data that must be taken into account at each step of the industrial process.


Ensure global collaboration

Global collaboration is a major challenge in the transport and mobility industry. In the age of the cloud and ultra-connection, collaborative working has become the norm. Within the same company, collaborative work is essential to have the right information and increase productivity. Being able to work in real time, on the same tool and with all the actors, saves a considerable amount of time.


Good communication, accessible to all, saves time and money. Automotive suppliers must, for their part, respect the demands of the principals with simple exchanges. However, the different software versions often make these exchanges difficult.




SOLUTIONS:  A PLM approach to respect standards, remain competitive, satisfy customers and simplify collaboration.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform has all the features to design, share and collaborate on complex projects. The platform accelerates innovation capabilities and reduces design and manufacturing cycles by taking into account the requirements of customers. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform acts as a growth lever through the implementation and management of a single, unified and secure engineering repository that gathers and centralises all product development data and processes.


The deployment of a PLM platform and real-time work allows project managers to ensure governance, to react quickly thanks to defined dashboards, and thus to limit risks and costs. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform integrates all Dassault Systèmes solutions. Whether you are already using CATIA, DELMIA or SIMULIA, you can use the solution within the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for real-time collaboration. It is therefore very easy to migrate to 3DEXPERIENCE®.


Dassault Systèmes’ solutions digitalise all development processes. Whether it is the characterisation of materials, the dimensioning of cooling elements, load-dependent behaviour simulations, the estimation of heat losses, assembly processes, 3DEXPERIENCE®, CATIA and SIMULIA solutions make it possible to achieve a system that meets requirements more quickly.


The implementation of the solutions will make it possible to:


  • Standardise and deploy new collaborative working methods.
  • To have an optimal management of information and know-how.
  • Reuse components and processes.
  • Control product modifications.
  • Adapt to new customer requirements and comply with different regulations.
  • Innovate on technical solutions.
  • Develop a wider range of products to meet international expectations.
  • Better support for key customers.
  • Increase in agility and portability of studies and production equipment.
  • Establish relevant partnerships.




Participate in new bids, develop a product in due form, meet delivery deadlines with Bid to Win

As an automotive supplier, you must respect your customers’ requests without losing sight of your costs and other tenders. The Bid to Win 3DEXPERIENCE® offer gives you access to functionalities in order to participate in more bids and better respond to them, but also and above all to provide products that comply with your customers’ requests.


A platform for unified projects

Within the platform, you will be able to securely collect the different opportunities as well as all the product data associated with these bids. You will be able to make changes and your employees will have access to them in real time as well as to project data to ensure that requests and delivery times are met.


Respond more effectively to bids

With Bid to Win, you will be able to respond to more bids and in a more efficient way with fewer errors and on time delivery of products.


A better control of projects

With the management features offered by Bid to Win, you will be able to more effectively control project compliance with the proposal while remaining vigilant on costs, margins, characteristics and deadlines.


Real-time access to information

You will also be able to access all project processes in real time in order to consult progress, possible difficulties and thus be able to take decisions quickly.


A collaborative platform, easily assimilated and adaptable

Bid to Win can easily be adapted to your existing solutions. You will therefore have on the same platform different data available to your employees from different departments for better management of documents, projects, BOMs, etc.


Facilitate complex designs

With an advanced systems engineering solution, Bid to Win makes it easy for you. The platform will give you the ability to simulate system performance, validate it virtually, while taking into account the requirements by defining and validating the system architecture.


Simulate and analyse in 3D

You can save money by reducing prototyping with the integrated simulation function. You will be able to meet the requirements of your customers by performing durability tests, structural and multiphysical analyses, etc…


Plan and schedule production

In terms of manufacturing and assembly, Bid to Win will allow you to know precisely your capacities and production times, taking into account a multitude of factors.


The advantages of Bid to Win

  • Participate in more and better bidding opportunities
  • Optimise costs, production and meet delivery deadlines
  • A single platform for all your employees from design to engineering, simulation and manufacturing
  • A better visibility and control of each step of the different processes






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