KEONYS supports you in the implementation of your PLM project

KEONYS puts all its skills at your disposal to accompany you in the development of your products and their maintenance.


Our experience and perfect knowledge of our customers have enabled our experts to design offers adapted to each industry, field and problem.


From the standard offer to our specific proposals, we respond to all your product development needs and accompany you in meeting your industrial challenges and make a success of your digital transformation, which follows the following approaches:



  • Think Big: Identify with you the stakes and benefits of a PLM project, structure it and build together the roadmap corresponding to your stakes and priorities with the Digital Process Alignment (DPA) offer.


  • Start Small and Start Now: Secure the overall project, avoid a tunnel effect, optimize and respond quickly to the needs of a population of key users. We propose base offers that will allow to quickly put in production a collaboration base. Thereafter, we will consider the application of the roadmap defined during the Company Digital Alignment and the implementation on this base in production, of the following business steps.


The choice of these approaches is to be determined according to your needs : If you want to get off with quick wins, or if you want to establish a real roadmap. From the study of your PLM project, through the analysis of high added value business solutions, integration, proper application of solutions, technical support and skills development; discover all our offers below.


Think Big – Digital Process Assessment

The first step of an implementation is to be able to do the “Big thinking”: i.e. to be able to build a real roadmap that identifies the strategic objective of a company’s digital transformation.


For this, KEONYS has developed the DPA offer, Digital Process Assessment. It is a consulting solution designed to federate teams around a common PLM project and achieve the strategic objectives of the company.



How to detect your real PLM needs early on?


This offer allows you to establish your “PLM vision” with the support of KEONYS.


Our consultants offer you a real PLM roadmap. They start from your industrial challenges, taking into account your organization, your business and your information system to determine the priority areas for improving your processes and the PLM solutions and tools that support them.


On this shared basis, our consultants build a structured and concrete implementation project.



The 4 phases of a DPA study – Digital Process Assessment


  • Framing (definition of key players and major issues).
  • Observation (identification of business needs and operational issues).
  • Orientation (definition of PLM initiatives, priorities and recommendations).
  • Sharing (action plan, benefits, investment rationale, decision).


« Our support solution, called Digital Process Assessment, is a complete and high value-added approach. It takes into account both the strategic challenges and expectations of a company’s management and the operational needs of all employees and organizations. We have defined and documented a rich and cutting-edge methodology that guarantees each of our clients a reliable PLM roadmap that generates a return on investment.»


Philippe DELAHAYE  – PLM Business Consultant, KEONYS


Customer feedback: Flying Whales


Flying Whales, a company specializing in the design of an ecological airship intended for the transport of goods, called on the DPA to establish a real roadmap corresponding to its needs. Discover the full testimonial by clicking below.







Plastipak, a global leader in the rigid plastic packaging and recycling industries for over 50 years, chose the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform from Dassault Systèmes. Based on the DPA methodology, the company now has a clear PLM vision through a detailed roadmap to better address its needs and accelerate its growth.


In this interview, Steve Windelinckx, Plastipak’s Packaging Design & Innovation Manager, explains the value he expects from digital transformation.





Are you interested in DPA? Our experts are available to answer your questions and assess your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us !


Start Small & Start Now

The Start Small stage is where the digital transformation begins. From the analysis of your needs to the validation of the project, KEONYS supports you on the definition and implementation of a first business step. This first step is done on a perimeter defined through best practices and on a secure CLOUD environment immediately available to you.


With Ready for Cloud, we provide you in record time an architecture and a platform allowing you to start immediately in a “ready to use” mode. The deployment of the platform is secure both on the business side and on the IT infrastructure side. One of the assets of the cloud is the availability of the platform.

To allow you to start quickly but also to respond in a structured way to your use cases and your priorities, we propose an offer that will allow you to converge quickly by adapting the platform to your business processes through Good Business Practices.


Ready For Cloud is applied according to an agile methodology consisting of 5 main steps:


  • The framing with key users: This involves defining a perimeter or domains in order to identify the needs and processes to be equipped. A case study of your processes is made with your current business lines to be equipped.


  • A second very quick part which consists in checking with you the access to the platform and making a first level of standard settings


  • The third part, called onboarding, is important for understanding the distribution center. This is the training on collaboration methods. 


  • The fourth step consists of the application of your Use Cases, corresponding to the defined domain, and through coaching on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


  • The implementation and production of the platform is thus secured by the validation of its business scenarios.


Finally, support is made available to users to assist them in the deployment. All these steps are carried out quickly: there are approximately 3 months of evaluations.  

For a rapid deployment, KEONYS implements best practices (scenarios, use cases, deliverables) defined for a set of domains or industry trades. These best practices are based on “best practices” coming from Dassault Systèmes and developed by our KEONYS – CENIT “teams” within a catalogue that will allow you to quickly identify a common thread for each domain.




We offer you the ideal solution to implement a flexible and scalable collaboration platform in an On Premise environment without risk. Whether in your information system or in a “hosted” KEONYS environment to free you from any IT architecture problem.


Ready to Grow is an offer allowing you to quickly start your digital transformation. This offer allows you to implement the 3DEXPERIENCE in the form of a pre-configured 80% package. The remaining 20% corresponds to a configuration specific to your needs.


This approach, which is both standardised and configured, allows you to get started quickly. You can add further configurations or expand the system at any time at your own pace. What’s unique about ready to grow is that the solution is scalable.


Ready to Grow is a first engineering brick within the framework of a SOCLE offer which will allow, on a Design & Engineering base, to put into production a collaboration base on a design office perimeter. This scope includes, for example, the management of the technical file, traceability, multi-site CAD collaborative work, management of review and approval processes. The implementation of this Ready to Grow base will be done in a 3DEXPERIENCE On Premise environment, integrated into your IT architecture or hosted.


Ready to Grow allows you to reduce by 50% the time spent implementing the solution thanks to its pre-configuration. The pre-configuration of PLM topics within the platform allows you to access a solution with a high degree of maturity with a minimum of effort. However, each company has specific issues and parameterization needs.


You will be able to complete and modify this first level of parameterization if necessary.







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