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KEONYS has been the partner of reference for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and 3D solutions. Working at the heart of digital business, KEONYS enables organizations of all sizes and in all industries to create improved products and innovative services and speed up their time-to-market.





We want to promote equality within the company over the next three years: in the Gender Equality Index, KEONYS obtained an overall score of 63 points out of 100 this year, as follows

  • Indicator n°1 “Pay gap in %”: 33/40
  • Indicator n°2 “Individual increase differences”: 25/35
  • Indicator n°3 “Percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave”: 0/15
  • Indicator n°4 “Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest paid”: 5/10



As a reminder, prior to the 2020 pandemic, our score was 84 points out of 100.
Our goal is to return to or exceed our 2019 score in the coming years. Rest assured that KEONYS is fully committed to respecting gender equity.


In addition to our actions in favor of smoothing out the differences in salary and positioning of women compared to men, KEONYS has also been campaigning for a number of years with engineering schools and professional training programs for the upstream recruitment of female and male students, as the solution lies at the origin of a career path and therefore a career in the company.
We are going to reinforce our actions with our different partners in order to improve this index, for KEONYS, for the CENIT Group, but also for the whole French society.



In 2017, KEONYS joined the CENIT Group to become the number one Dassault Systèmes reseller worldwide. With the addition of KEONYS, the Group has more than 800 employees and 27 agencies located in eight countries (on three continents).



Our mission is to help companies modernize with our expertise in the integration of digital solutions. The enthusiasm and expertise of our teams helps us establish creative, collaborative and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Whether for startups or major groups, our aim is to offer a fresh approach and establish new industrial processes in order to jointly build a sustainable, human and effective business model.” Martin Grunau, Chief Operating Officer.




And it is our employees who are the best at talking about it:



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