Shape your product design and experience with CATIA

The world’s leading design solution, CATIA models all types of products based on their behavior. 

It involves all stakeholders in a project: system architect, engineers, designers and contributors, to define, imagine and shape the connected world. 


Coupled with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA offers : 

  • A social design environment with powerful 3D dashboards for decision making, real-time simultaneous design and collaboration of all stakeholders. 
  • Intuitive 3D experience with 3D modeling and simulation capabilities
  • A unified product development platform that can be integrated into your existing processes and tools

All CATIA design, engineering and system engineering applications revolutionize product design, development and manufacturing. 


Application Fields

Design innovative products

The design of your products guarantees their success. To reach it, you must develop your creativity, demand a high level of quality, and have decision-making tools adapted to your needs and creations. 


CATIA Design/Style’s portfolio of tools allows you to boost your innovation and thus market differentiating and innovative products. 


Key Benefits : 

  • Industrial Design: Energize your creativity and explore all possibilities from the very first stage of design with 3D conceptualization 
  • Advanced Surface Modeling: Fully supports Class A automotive design processes through a surface optimization solution that integrates key Icem surfacing technologies. Provides a powerful and intuitive suite of tools to model, analyze and visualize aesthetic and ergonomic shapes for superior quality Class A surfaces.

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Quickly develop quality products with CATIA Engineering

To meet the requirements of an increasingly competitive market, CATIA accompanies you in the rapid development of high quality mechanical products. 


Mechanical engineers can become familiar with quality and performance right from the start with CATIA 3D modeling tools.  Development teams can virtually create and analyze a mechanical product in its operating environment by creating a digital prototype coupled with digital analysis and simulation. 


CATIA Engineering allows engineers to create all types of 3D assemblies for all engineering processes. 


Key Benefits : 

  • The creation of 3D parts of your choice (3D sketches or industrial assemblies)
  • The immutable relational design: manage the links between the objects and the associated behaviors of the configured assemblies
  • The transition from 2D design methodologies to 3D design methodologies
  • Consistent and efficient drawing updates
  • Process-oriented tools 
  • A wide range of tool design applications 
  • Advanced mechanical surfacing technologies

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Master multi-disciplinary development processes with CATIA System Engineering

Developing intelligent products is difficult today. Developers must be able to manage the entire development process and must master requirements engineering, system architecture definition, detailed simulation and modeling of complex systems and integrated software development.


Dassault Systèmes Systems Engineering is a unique, open and extensible development platform that supports multi-disciplinary modeling, simulation, verification and business processes for product development. 


With this solution, you can quickly and easily evaluate change requests and develop new products using a unified systems approach. 


Key Benefits :

  • A powerful system development platform to optimize the development and validation of complex systems and products
  • Meet market requirements and rules while reducing time to market and costs
  • Ensure collaboration between all disciplines to define a complete system architecture 
  • Verify the behavior of complex products and systems covering multiple engineering disciplines through Modelica-based modeling and simulation
  • Integrate embedded systems and 3D design processes to leverage embedded intelligent systems in 3DEXPERIENCE simulation of complex mechatronic systems and products


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CATIA on the Cloud

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Engineering

CATIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, enables startups or engineering companies to achieve engineering excellence via its powerful social and collaborative 3D modelling and simulation tools.


Now available as CATIA on the Cloud, engineering companies can have access to the same solution used by industry leaders for a reduced cost. They can start operating on the platform almost immediately without the heavy up-front investments needed for IT infrastructure, personnel or systems.


CATIA on the Cloud’s powerful features will enable you to accelerate innovation, get products to market faster and ultimately take you to the top of a tough, competitive market.


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CATIA Magic is a model-based systems engineering software (MBSE solution). It is a collaborative tool to create, collaborate and manage the specifications of complex multi-domain systems: mechanical, fluidic, thermal, electronic and software.


This software will provide you many advantages for product design through modeling, risk management and product quality improvement. CATIA Magic will allow you to improve your productivity while having a collaborative and organizational approach. The best practices based on the MagicGrid methodology will be an essential support to design and optimize systems.

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