The High-Tech industry includes all manufacturers with high technical value products for professionals ands individuals. This sector requires steady innovation and a rapid market launch of new solutions.


CHALLENGES: Satisfying customers while continuing to innovate

A changing demand: the need for experience

A key challenge for companies in the high-tech sector will be to convert the purchase of a product into a real experience. The standardization of advanced technologies is making customers more and more demanding. To meet these requirements, manufacturers must now improve the user experience by offering personalized services with solid follow-up. Customer experience drives innovation. Therefore, engineers must propose new products that guarantee performance and quality.


Rough competition for a highly competitive sector

There are many players in the high-tech industry, whether in the telecommunications, IT or media sectors, the arrival of new competitors is massive. Companies need to find a way to differentiate themselves in order to gain an advantage in this market.


Accelerating technological progress

A fast and efficient design is imperative, High-Tech companies must keep up and continuously innovate. Innovation is an essential aspect of their sector.


This involves a lot of research and development, trend analysis, consumer analysis to anticipate their future needs and integrate their expectations into the development process. In this regard, the challenge for these companies will be to limit the risks that could be linked to innovation.


A profitability objective

To be sustainable in their field, high-tech companies must gain market share in order to increase their profitability. Automating all their processes would allow them to reduce costs and increase profits.


SOLUTIONS: A collaborative platform that brings together all the elements of product development.

These important developments require a global transformation of business processes and models.


Through all the company’s internal activities and to all the communities involved in product development.


Thanks to its expertise in the High Tech sector, the success of industrial transformation projects and its partnerships, KEONYS offers you support in the deployment of PLM solutions that will enable you to:


  •  Support and standardize business processes.
  •  Constitute, validate and share information in a structured engineering repository, and therefore increase their reuse.
  •  Involve all stakeholders as soon as possible in order to imagine and validate new service or offer concepts and deploy new technologies.
  •  Manage the product portfolio and technology platforms to better respond to market demands and control product portfolio variability.
  •  Simulate products to meet target specifications for robustness and performance



High Impact Innovation, High-Tech Operational Excellence and Highly Flexible Manufacturing are three solutions offered by Dassault Systèmes that are adapted to the high-tech industry.

With these 3 offers, optimize your innovation projects, improve your competitiveness or even accelerate your production.


High Impact Innovation

A solution available on the cloud and on premise, High Impact Innovation allows you to push innovation upstream through a collaborative platform.

With High Impact Innovation :


  •  An online platform allows you to collaborate and boost your innovation processes,
  • You will be able to automatically manage your requirements in order to obtain a superior quality for your products,
  • To convince your customers, optimize the design of your conceptions,
  • Regular reporting will reduce the time you spend designing and developing your products,
  • Visualize the evolutions of your design thanks to 3D modeling.




High-Tech Operational Excellence

This solution offers the opportunity to accelerate production processes within your company. Get perfect coordination that will allow you to manage the life cycle of your products, make decisions more easily and respond easily to market changes.

High-Tech Operational Excellence allows you to:

  •  Better synchronization of processes, resources, and roadmaps to increase efficiency,
  •  Improve your competitiveness by adapting early to changing technologies and demand,
  •  Thanks to PLM analysis functions, to have permanent visibility on your projects
  •  Optimize component reuse to reduce your development costs
  •  Control your processes to ensure compliance

Highly Flexible Manufacturing

The life cycle of products in the high-tech industry is getting shorter and shorter. To keep up with this speed, the Highly Flexible Manufacturing solution offers you the opportunity to use fast and efficient production methods.


  • Thanks to your production and logistics planning, you can deliver your products to the market on time,
  • Reduce delays by 80% through prior analysis and defect correction to accelerate the time to market of new products,
  • Reduce your company’s risks by more than 20% by accurately forecasting future supply and demand,
  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Absolute visibility and real-time information allow you to increase your production range by more than 300%,

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