Automotive suppliers: Find the best balance between Quality, Regulations and Cost.

The transportation and mobility sector is facing many challenges. Between quality requirements, safety and environmental regulations, cost control etc… Automotive suppliers must find a balance to be competitive. We propose 4 key elements that will allow you to better understand the problems of this sector.


Step 1: Identify the challenges

Know how to identify the challenges of the automotive sector to handle them


Step 2: Achieve your quality goals

Thanks to digital continuity, experience a total quality management


Quality, Regulations and Costs (QRC), these are the three main elements in the decision-making process of automotive suppliers. The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation and new issues are emerging. New technologies allow you to find the balance between these three elements for optimal management.


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Step 3: Evaluate new vehicle concepts using digital simulation

Innovate by controlling quality, regulations and costs through simulation.


Simulation tools are now a key element in the product design process. The transport and mobility sector is changing very rapidly thanks to new technologies and renewable energies.

Dassault Systèmes has developed a comprehensive e-book dedicated to balancing the challenges of the automotive industry with simulation tools.


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Step 4: Leverage user insight

Case study: Skyway Technologies Co.


Facing growing urbanization challenges, the Belarusian engineering company SkyWay Technologies Co. wanted to design an innovative, eco-friendly, safe and time-saving transport network for users.


Discover how Skyway Technologies Co. has been able to reduce project complexity with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.


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