Collaborative innovation with ENOVIA


ENOVIA, coupled with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, is a secure and robust tool allowing you to manage all your global data in a social context, in full transparency and consistency. 


ENOVIA‘s power enables efficient and productive collaborative innovation: deployment and application of business processes, workflows and deliverables for SMEs to multinationals.


  • Save money on product development by instantly simulating product design, performance and production planning.
  • Make the right decisions with the right people at the right time in a global environment.
  • Increase supply chain capabilities throughout the product lifecycle. Fully integrate your suppliers in the development of your solutions.
  • Provide a turnkey collaborative platform for your employees regardless of their location.



For what benefits? 

  • Secure collaborative work platform
  • 3D digital collaboration
  • A single platform for managing your intellectual property/li>
  • Ready to use for PLM processes
  • Economies of scale
  • Return on investment



Application fields

A complete, precise and updated classification system

With the ENOVIA collaborative platform, engineers will be able to create a complete, accurate nomenclature and easily update it.  


The creation of a product today involves many stakeholders, exploded within the same company, which increases the complexity of products, and therefore nomenclatures. It must therefore be created and managed effectively, as changes are made to it. 


ENOVIA thus provides a global or site-specific, consolidated and connected view of the BOM, an automated and common development and modification process to ensure data accuracy. 


Key benefits: 

  • Streamline inventory and cost management through part design consolidation
  • Provide users with accurate information so that the right parts are available
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of stakeholders across the enterprise and reduce time to market


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Gain flexibility, reactivity and innovation 


In order to respond to increasing competition, companies want to design personalized and innovative products. 


Thanks to ENOVIA’s configuration management, configurable product fabrications can manage all the designs of their products but also the BOMs of all their variants.


Engineers and designers can create test product configurations to analyze them and validate their options.


Development teams also face increasing product and process complexity. 


With ENOVIA and its applications, manage, through a unified process, all changes in the enterprise, for all departments involved, and validate changes before deployment.  


Key Benefits :  

  • Meet product delivery dates while maintaining product consistency and performance
  • Ensure consumer requirements are integrated into product development scenarios and effectively communicated to all teams


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Solutions for all industries


Coupled with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, ENOVIA offers collaborative applications that guarantee innovation & operational excellence for all industries:


  • Consumer Products and Distribution: ENOVIA offers an ideal environment to collaborate with consumers to create innovative and personalized products.
  • Consumer and distribution products: Create innovations that are entirely consumer-oriented. 
  • Energy and processes: ENOVIA offers you the best digital features.
  • High technologies: ENOVIA helps you create a tailor-made offer and reinvents the way products are invented, designed, created, manufactured and sold. 
  • Marine and Offshore: Innovate and propose sustainable solutions with ENOVIA. 
  • Transport and Mobility: Meet industry expectations with ENOVIA’s advanced applications.


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