Exploiting the full potential of your PLM tools & the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, including the CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA software range, is part of our daily mission. 


We how complex can be your problems. This is why KEONYS offers you a complete, flexible support offer that meet your needs and guarantees you a fast and efficient solution to your problems. 


From a standard and non-binding service to a personalized service, KEONYS offers you various support services, including hotline services, as well as technical assistance, on site or on remote, to help you solve all your software installation, administration or use difficulties. 






Discover all KEONYS support offers: SINGLE CONTRACT, GENERAL AGREEMENT, SERVICE CONTRACT and APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SERVICE. KEONYS also offers the additional 360° ANALYSIS option and the cenitFLEX+ offer.


KEONYS also has a new ticketing tool, which allows to open tickets directly online, to follow their evolution in real time and to obtain a view on all tickets already passed. This new tool is accessible here


Download the KEONYS support brochure. 


Offers & options

Application Management Service

Boost your internal efficiency, choose our new Application Maintenance Service offer!

Thanks to this offer developed by our experts, we ensure the operational maintenance of your 3DEXPERIENCE® infrastructure. This way, you no longer have to worry about your proactive and corrective maintenance operations.

Our dedicated support team will take care of it for you. For their part, your teams can allow more time for subjects that are more essential to your company’s core business.

  • Improve the user experience of your tools
  • Reduce your costs by outsourcing the maintenance of your infrastructure
  • Enjoy a responsive and quality service by defining SLAs together
  • Solve problems quickly and efficiently based on ITIL
  • Save time to allow your internal resources to focus on high value-added tasks



For smaller companies, AMS can help you quickly and easily overcome a lack of resources and ensure the smooth running of your business applications. Ensure the deployment and operation of your PLM IT infrastructure for the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform with a wide range of services. According to your needs, we can:

  • Maintain your systems
  • Ensure proactive maintenance
  • Maintain your platform in operational conditions while respecting your SLAs and associated services of the ITIL standard

Benefits of the offer

Define and adapt the standard offer to your needs
Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each person
Structure, standardize and automate your workflows with ITIL-based application management
Eliminate unnecessary activities and focus on important topics


cenitFLEX+ offer

This offer, deployed by CENIT, is an interface that enables standardized management and use of the various CAD applications and their related environments. 


This software will allow you to facilitate the management of your system infrastructures, through a clear and easy to use user interface. 


Environments are pre-configured and standardized to ensure maximum compliance with the requirements of your environment.


What are the advantages?

  • A single interface for all your CAD applications
  • A simple, consistent and intuitive tool
  • Standardized, efficient and secure management of complex environments
  • A flexible and easily customizable licensing system for user groups
  • A dynamic directory for user management

What benefits? 

  • Time savings due to fast license availability
  • Increased productivity through reduced error rates in CAD environments
  • Cost reduction for IT support with GoOffline function
  • Improved responsiveness for CAD tool update management through the use of standardized OEM environments
  • Greater legal certainty when using your licences thanks to quota allocation
  • Reduced risk of errors in CAD infrastructures through standardization



Download the cenitFLEX+ solution brochure. 


360° Analysis option

For all KEONYS support contract’s customers, we offer you the possibility of being assisted by a “technical referent”, who will be your privileged contact throughout the duration of your contract. 


Your referent will begin his support with an audit phase of one day in your premises, with the aim of: 

  • Understanding your use of Dassault Systèmes products 
  • Identify any needs expressed by your employees


At the end of this audit, your referent will deliver you: 

  • A summary of your current working methods
  • Improvement proposals (training, coaching, version updates, new methodologies, etc.)
  • Suggested deployment plan
  • A quarterly review can also be set up to monitor your actions


The benefits of such support are numerous: 

  • Improvement levers for your productivity, quality and design cycle 
    • Recommendation of a solution adapted to your needs 
    • Optimization of existing methodologies
    • Suggestion of new working methods
  • A privileged relationship between you, KEONYS and your technical referent, but also with the editor Dassault Systèmes.
  • A personalized technical follow-up of your site



Download the 360° analysis option brochure.


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