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In recent years, new technologies have provided solutions that have affected all sectors. As far as companies specializing in industrial equipment are concerned, digitalization makes it possible to radically change the way they work and organize their production, but above all to face up to the challenges of their daily work. Among those challenges: meeting the specific needs of customers and building a real relationship, improving communication between employees, maintaining the smooth running of a production…


CHALLENGES: Better collaboration to better respond to specific requests

Responding to the specific needs of customers

The different markets that an equipment manufacturer addresses requires him to produce taking into account very varied specificities and requirements. Whether it is country-specific regulations or standards or technical details required by the customer, suppliers of industrial equipment must meet demand in order to remain competitive. To cope with this, new technologies make it possible to produce in a personalized way while controlling costs. There are intelligent solutions to connect all the actors in a production line in order to produce efficiently and more quickly. 


The 3D Industrial transformation whitepaper

The need for real-time collaboration is growing more and more in the industrial sector. New technologies are helping engineers and manufacturers to produce faster, more efficiently and with better costs. Discover today’s business landscape in the Industrial Equipment industry and what is needed to stay competitive.




Collaborate and communicate the elements

It is now essential that the data related to the design, simulation and production of a product is available in real time to all employees. The different systems, departments and employees sharing the same information will save considerable time in meeting market demands.


New technologies to process and use data from different machines in a factory give OEMs the ability to react faster, reduce errors and spend more time on value-added tasks. A factory in which machines and employees are connected is a company that allows a better reactivity to market requirements while optimizing its costs. This makes it a more competitive company.



Satisfying the requirements of its customers

Companies producing industrial equipment sell their products to manufacturers who also have to face a multitude of challenges (remain competitive, satisfy their customers, innovate…). This requires great flexibility on the part of equipment manufacturers in order to adapt to the specificities of each of the manufacturers.


Intelligent digital solutions make it possible to develop tailor-made products without increasing costs, but also to communicate in real time and exchange data in different formats and versions. The relationship between industrial equipment manufacturers and other manufacturers is thus facilitated.


Control production and the various operations

Within a factory, production planning and scheduling is essential to ensure its activity. Production and supply chain managers must ensure that the various stages of the process are well coordinated, keep in mind deadlines, plan maintenance operations and the impact on production, etc. In order to optimize production, planning and scheduling solutions take into account all the necessary data (manufacturing time, machine maintenance, production reorganization in the event of a breakdown, production process simulation, etc.) to allow equipment manufacturers to save considerable time and reduce errors.


SOLUTIONS: The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for industrial equipment manufacturers



The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers industrial equipment manufacturers the ability to communicate in real time with their customers and employees and to have a global view of the various processes. It is thus possible to manage the design by integrating specific features specific to each customer, simulate production and plan it, communicate the different systems between them, simulate prototypes by taking into account all the necessary data.


The entire process is facilitated by communication between engineering, design maintenance, simulation and manufacturing data on a single platform. Production is optimized through planning and scheduling solutions integrated into the platform. 




Revolutionize the way you make products with Ready To Make

Ready to Make is a solution to synchronize several manufacturing processes of a product in order to be able to manufacture it at different production sites. Integrated with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Ready to Make helps to manage and plan all manufacturing operations. Manufacturers of industrial equipment can thus reproduce these manufacturing processes of a product anywhere.


With Ready To Make, you will be able to:


  • Increase the accuracy of forecasts and sales revenue
  • Increase on-time delivery
  • Improve delivery times
  • Reduce non-quality costs
  • Manage manufacturing engineering efficiently
  • Reduce inventories by more than 25%.
  • Lead continuous improvement and best practice deployment globally


Design and produce with Single source for speed

Single Source for Speed is a solution that allows you to collaborate, produce and design in real time anywhere in the world. With this solution, industrial equipment manufacturers gain in speed and reduce their costs. Within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Single Source for Speed makes it possible to have all the data gathered on a single platform available to all the engineers in a team. The solution encourages collaboration, and to manufacture products faster that meet the different requirements and specificities of customers.


With Single Source for Speed you will be able to:


  • Access a unique environment in which engineers share project data for better collaboration
  • Accelerate product production and availability
  • Share information inherent to the market and the business
  • Make real-time decisions to optimize project management
  • Simulate the design to ensure product reliability
  • Optimize production engineering


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