White paper - Digital technology and sustainable development: shaping industry’s future

How can we combine technological innovation, sustainability and prosperity? Find out more about our new white paper, which will cover topics such as eco-design, the virtual twin and the circular economy.

You’ll also find contributions from experts in the fields of manufacturing, simulation and systems engineering, as well as feedbacks from customers and partners: SALOMON, FLYING WHALES, EPSYL-ALCEN, UNBRICK and Arts et Metiers. Download the white paper now by filling in the form.


White paper

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They share their expertise

In this white paper, discover how digital continuity is the catalyst for sustainable innovation, through testimonials in fields such as manufacturing, simulation and systems engineering. Our customers share their experiences of using Dassault Systèmes solutions.


Today’s manufacturers are increasingly faced with sustainability-related challenges. How can they quickly and effectively transform their manufacturing processes? How does the digital twin play a key role in performance and sustainability issues?



Well-known to all, digital simulation is used in the early stages of product design and prototyping management. It enables physical iterations to be carried out in order to control costs and, above all, reduce the environmental impact of product design. What are the challenges of digital simulation for a more sustainable future in the industrial sector?


System engineering

The industrial sector as a whole is impacted by the challenge of rethinking processes and organizational schemes in a more positive perspective. How can systems engineering provide a systemic vision of an industrial project?

This white paper highlights customer testimonials from SALOMON, EPSYL-ALCEN, UNBRICK and FLYING WHALES.


Salomon Footwear, a leading manufacturer of running and hiking shoes, aims to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. Salomon is deploying the ABAQUS solution to digitally evaluate the behavior of these new materials, automate its tasks and streamline collaboration between the different project players, thereby reducing the number of physical product prototypes.


EPSYL-ALCEN, specialized in the fields of physics and computer science, has developed “sober” digital approaches for the development and operation of digital twins, thanks to the Dymola simulation solution. Find out in this white paper how EPSYL-ALCEN is meeting the expectations of the highly demanding industrial sector for digital sobriety.


UNBRICK, which builds sustainable homes, has opted for 3DEXPERIENCE® on the Cloud to support scalable production: by configuring all installations in the same way, identifying sources of energy loss or malfunctions in system regulation.


FLYING WHALES, which develops an electrically propelled airship, has chosen the 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud platform to optimize cross-functional organization, save time for teams and reduce iterative cycles in the innovation process.


KEONYS supports the digital transformation of companies, most of whom now include a sustainable innovation approach in their strategy.


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