OEMs and automotive suppliers: satisfy the quality requirements while maintaining a balance between quality, regulations and costs.

The various challenges in the transportation and mobility sector mean that automotive suppliers must constantly innovate to ensure superior quality while maintaining a balance with regulations and costs. 3DEXPERIENCE® allows you to access to new opportunities, guarantee optimal quality and satisfy requirements while minimizing your expenses.

Below you will find 4 tools that will help you better understand the issues facing the automotive sector.


Offer a total quality experience

Did you know that end-to-end digital continuity allows you to improve your profitability through a better strategic approach to quality?

In this video discover the 3 key aspects of quality in the automotive industry:

  • Perceived quality
  • Surface quality
  • Quality review


Accelerate innovation in the automotive sector

Innovate and offer a new mobility experience with 3DEXPERIENCE®.


The automotive market is in constant evolution, innovation has become essential in order to offer products and solutions adapted to needs.


Download for free the white paper “Accelerating vehicle innovation”.


Improve your engineering: differentiate yourself from your competitors


Automotive suppliers must optimize their production in order to face tough competition.


In order to increase your profitability and reduce non-value-added work, you have to focus on what improves the competitiveness of your products. Find out where you’re wasting time and how to solve it by automating tasks.


Download our free ebook “Increase profitability by reducing non-value added work in engineering.”


The voice of the manufacturer to ensure profitable innovation

Requirements management on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows companies to improve their global processes for managing requirements.


Automotive industry suppliers must manage the manufacturers requirements throughout the product life cycle. To do so, they must integrate complex systems engineering processes, encourage collaboration and transparently share intellectual property between teams.


Find out how to manage your OEMs’ requirements efficiently and cost-effectively in this Ebook “The voice of the customer”.


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