WEBINAR – How to adapt industrial planning during and after disruptive events ? by Dassault Systèmes


Overcome this crisis as best you can and prepare for recovery in the best possible conditions.

In the current health crisis, with its many disruptions, manufacturers can no longer rely on existing routines, spreadsheets and hand tools or the experience of experienced employees. More than ever, supply chain agility is a major challenge, which requires planning that combines agility, responsiveness and reliability.


In this webinar presented by Dassault Systèmes, you will discover how to manage and plan your production, integrate multiple parameters, simulate several scenarios and measure their impact in terms of KPIs through several concrete cases:

  • Change in customer demand, order cancellation, quantity change and lead time
  • Resizing of the production tool
  • Simulation of line opening / closing
  • Supply delay, shortage managementWebinar: Industrial Planning facing a crisis
  • Reallocation of available and predictable material to best serve customer demand
  • Lack of staff, social distancing
  • Simulation of gradual recovery