KEONYS’ social responsibility


We support the well-being of our employees at work, by carrying out regular satisfaction surveys, and focusing on quality of life at work. We encourage employee training through various initiatives (50 % of employees trained in 2023). We are also proud to integrate many apprentices as part of their school curriculum. Our apprentices represent 20% of our staff across all our locations (Paris, Toulouse, Lyon).

Quality of life at work

Our employees’ well-being is at the heart of our collective success. We encourage dynamism and collaboration among our teams through a variety of initiatives such as evening events, virtual escape games and wellness activities (massage, meditation…).
To improve quality of life at work, we also offer employees an access to the Meeriad platform. This platform enables employees to book appointments with health professionals, access the resources they need to enhance their well-being (videos, sports classes) and take part in group challenges.


For all our employees, we offer a soft mobility program that encourages the use of non-motorized transport and other environmentally-friendly means. Employees who take part in this programme receive financial support. This initiative aims to limit pollution and CO² emissions, reduce energy consumption, encourage physical activity and give preference to public transport to reduce road traffic.


These initiatives strengthen team cohesion and contribute to creating a working environment conducive to exchange and collaboration.

Climate Fresk

Climate fresk raises employee awareness of climate change issues

A better understanding of the impact and effects of human activities on climate change is essential if we want to be proactive.



KEONYS offered employees the opportunity to be initiated and trained by the Climate Fresk to become animators and organize in-house awareness-raising workshops for their colleagues.


A time for sharing and learning, awareness-raising and/or individual or collective initiatives, the Climate Fresk educational workshop is based exclusively on the scientific reports and graphs of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.



Internal testimonials:


« As someone who is already aware of the issue and takes action to protect the environment on a daily basis, this workshop gave me a better scientific understanding of the causal factors involved. » Marine Carvalho, Operational Marketing Manager



« We all have our preconceptions about climate change. The Climate Fresk is a unique opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, to better understand the reasons for and consequences of this change. Understanding is key to taking action. » Thierry Maze, Sales Director


« This workshop was a wake-up call to the urgent need to produce less CO2. I am determined, as a citizen and consumer, to further reduce my footprint around the 4 pillars of industry, building use, agriculture and transport. » Romain Barbier, 3DEXPERIENCE Competency Center Manager 



Gender equality

Since 2020, companies with 50 or more employees must calculate and publish their gender equality index every year.


Gender equality is an essential value within our company. Our gender equality index stands at 94/100 in 2024. This index covers a wide range of indicators, such as remuneration and individual pay rises.



A positive, sustainable corporate culture is reflected in our social commitments. CENIT Cares supports and encourages projects initiated by employees who wish to contribute to humanitarian and health-related causes, such as natural disasters, support for vulnerable people (illness, disability, educational support, poverty, geopolitical conflicts, etc.) locally and internationally. This is a long-term initiative that encourages social responsibility and aims to create better social conditions for people in situations of education and distress.


Thanks to the CENIT Cares program, over a hundred employee-initiated actions have already been implemented internationally in 20 countries, including Costa Rica, Romania, Tanzania and the United States. They have involved financial donations or offering employees days dedicated to their social commitments. More than 110 projects have been launched and over 150.000 € have been donated.


CENIT Cares strengthens corporate culture, supports employee commitment, helps people in need, creates lasting social commitment and encourages personal growth.


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