The implementation of the tool, the alignment of the company’s processes and the change management strategy: three axes that now places LAVIGNE as a leading player on the wall calendar market.


About Lavigne

LAVIGNE is a subsidiary of the Exacompta-Clairefontaine group, a leader in the stationery and diary sector. It is a company specialized in the creation of high-end illustrated calendars. The company designs in particular postmen almanacs, which are a major pillar of its activity.

LAVIGNE also markets business gifts that can be customised, such as diaries, greeting cards or desk pads. LAVIGNE follows the trends and evolutions of its market.



Faced with load peaks during high seasonality, LAVIGNE was looking for a planning and scheduling solution in order to have a much better visibility on its production schedules.


Problematic issues

  • Lack of structured planning
  • Manual installation of work cards each week
  • Difficulty in anticipating peak loads and last-minute orders
  • Risk of not meeting deadlines
  • Compromised management in terms of customer satisfaction



  • Ability to manage seasonality and high activity periods
  • Improved communication between different services and access to the same information in real time
  • Better visibility on production progress
  • Saving production time
  • Reliable delivery date



The company chose Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems production scheduling and planning solution.



The implementation of DELMIA ORTEMS, the scheduling and planning solution, allowed a 30% increase in operations concerning wall calendars in 2018. The solution allows already measurable and quantifiable productivity gains.


  • Reliability of customer lead times
  • Anticipation of deliveries
  • Optimization of seasonality management with large order flows
  • Flexibility to prioritize planning
  • Performing prediction simulations
  • Better communication between different services: access to the same data sources and the same quality of information in real time


Next Step

LAVIGNE plans to develop the DELMIA Ortems solution on a new axis to improve stock management and also integrate almanacs, a large part of its business.


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