Discover 4 steps to a successful digital transformation.

Industrial production requires a lot of processes and meets just as many problems: respect of manufacturing deadlines, better productivity, production planning and scheduling….

The new era of the industry with new technologies provides solutions to improve productivity, to have a better control of schedules and production deadlines. To remain competitive, factories must now start their digital transformation.

Are you looking to digitalize production planning and scheduling without knowing where to start? Here are 4 steps to learn more about how to start and succeed in your digital transformation.


Step 1: The future of manufacturing

Download the Manufacturing e-book for free


With this e-Book, you will understand the main issues and the future of industrial production with the presentation of an e-factory. 

With technology, we can now improve the productivity and competitiveness of a plant with production planning and scheduling solutions. Saving time, having a better visibility on schedules and production deadlines…. The digitalization of a factory makes it possible to automate a large number of processes.


Step 2: APS explained in 20mins

20 minutes to understand scheduling and planning


This Dassault Systèmes’ webinar introduces you to the daily challenges of a manufacturing director and shows how DELMIA Ortems is revolutionizing the planning and scheduling of its company.


Saving time, having a better productivity, reducing errors, having manufacturing instructions sent in real time to operators on their production line… DELMIA Ortems offers you many advantages.



Step 3: Success Story

Leverage the user experience


Discover our customer Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers who has chosen the DELMIA Ortems planning and scheduling solution linked to SAP for reliable customer delivery times, increased productivity and reduced cycle times.


Step 4: Expert advice

Schedule a meeting with an expert


Are you ready to take the shift to digital transformation? You’re almost there with this very last step!

Our Manufacturing experts advise you to improve production planning and scheduling. You can now request a free consultation.


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