Echopulse keonys engineering system



THERACLION is a French company specializing in high-tech medical equipment, using high-intensity focused ultrasound to treat benign breast and thyroid tumors.


Systems engineering to support innovation

Designing an industrial product by analyzing the objectives to be attained, the functions and how they are implemented, as well as the verification of their true behavior: that’s all possible with systems engineering!


“Systems engineering is a key element in increasing efficiency and enabling us to bring new innovations to market more quickly, but also to be able to respond rapidly to our main partners, who are also opinion leaders.” […] “KEONYS helped us to implement tools for the automation of process engineering, requirement traceability, and modeling and system simulation”.

Sylvain YON – Deputy CEO 



And automate production processes

 “We were looking for a solution to enable us to manage, in a very dynamic way, the development of on-board software and its integration within our processes. The success of the engineering technology of the systems proposed by Keonys is of paramount importance, as a product like Echopulse® must combine patient and doctor safety with an optimal quality of treatment.”
Sylvain YON – Deputy CEO 


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