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About Omega Concept (Cofely Axima)


Omega Concept is a service provider for the control of risk environments in the fields of industrial refrigeration, fluid distribution, maintenance and operations (nuclear, microelectronic, hospital, pharmaceutical and food-processing sectors).



Position yourself as market leader thanks to PLM


OMEGA Concept, the European leader in risk environment control, was looking for a PLM solution for designing ventilation ducts and thereby to position itself as a major nuclear energy subcontractor.


  • Leverage the technical data of a project throughout the entire lifecycle of the installations.
  • Anticipate change and position themselves as a major actor in the nuclear sector.
  • Increase design and simulation capacities thanks to new technologies.



Solutions offered by KEONYS

KEONYS implemented the CATIA V5 solution at Omega Concept.


“CATIA V5 enables us to consolidate our position as the environmental engineering leader in industrial HVAC business operations by improving our design processes”.

Lionel NOIRAT, OMEGA CONCEPT, Director of the SEMICAD Department



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