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About Nowiew Design

Nowiew Design uses 3D virtual representation to design Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids figurines. These video game characters must be represented in a very precise manner in order to be used as the basis of production.


Nowiew Design relies on CATIA for Creative Designers, an industrial design solution by Dassault Systèmes, to develop a “ready-to-make” concept which enables the manufacture of a figurine that complies with Ubisoft specifications.


Nowiew Design helps its customers to deliver the products, graphics and services of tomorrow. Nowiew’s main concern is devising, designing and innovating to meet the requirements of their customers and their market. The agency excels in the field of interior design (furniture, tableware, lighting, etc.), as well as in the design and creation of licensed products.



Make time savings thanks to real-time design

  • Devise and create new everyday objects
  • Find a tool that flexibly and rapidly bridges the gap between design and realistic image rendering


Real-time interactions between the designer and the molding workshops represent considerable time savings. Nowiew’s latest project, the development of a new bathroom basin, was completed within a week. Thanks to CATIA for Design, Nowiew has adopted an “industrial designer” approach.




In order to help Nowiew Design achieve its objectives, KEONYS managed the in-house implementation of CATIA for Design – Imagine and Shape.



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