MECANO Ingénierie & Développement (MECANO ID) est une PME industrielle toulousaine créée en 1994 réalisant des activités de conception, dimensionnement, essais mécaniques et management de projets pluridisciplinaires à dominante mécanique.



About Mecano ID

MECANO Ingénierie & Développement (MECANO ID) is a Toulouse-based industrial SME created in 1994 that provides design, sizing, mechanical testing and pluridisciplinary project management services in the field of mechanics.

It provides expertise and support to its customers, who are major corporations, laboratories or SMEs primarily from the aeronautical, space and on-board systems sectors.



Improve the sharing and understanding of information

MECANO ID was looking for a tool to make communication with its customers smoother and more dynamic, and to successfully manage complex space, aeronautical and research projects.


«3DVIA Composer’s capacities for exchange and animations enable a better sharing of information and make it easier to explain how the Mars soil sample preparation device works»
Didier MESNIER – Technical Director, MECANO ID




KEONYS consultants supported Mecano Ingénierie & Développement with the installation of the 3DVIA Composer solution.

The productivity gains generated by the creation of technical documentation allowed them to set up innovative projects in complete transparency with their customers and partners.



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