Le défi a été de proposer une solution qui soit capable de ramasser les hydrocarbures sans faire d’émulsions, d’intervenir rapidement, de travailler jusqu’à force 5 à 6, de séparer le ramassage du stockage et de garantir la sécurité des personnes qui travaillent à bord.



PLM serving marine ecology

ECOCEANE was founded in 2003 and designs multipurpose vessels for the collection of hydrocarbons and solid waste floating at sea. The challenge was to offer a solution which was capable of collecting hydrocarbons without creating emulsions, to respond rapidly, to work with a force of 5 to 6, to separate collection from storage, and ensure the safety of the people working on board.


“KEONYS helped us with the choice of solutions to improve our productivity, which has increased by 40 to 50%.”

Benjamin LERONDEAU – Naval Architect



Encompassing the whole production chain


The 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform proved to be the logical choice to assist in the development of ECOCEANE’s boats, because it encompasses the whole chain of production, from the idea right up to manufacture, including the choice of materials and the elimination of iterations.


“The 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform is therefore at the core of the whole production process. All areas of work are linked, from the design office to the workshop, and can interact in real time”.

Eric VIAL – President of ECOCEANE



Digital simulation

“The KEONYS SIMULIA experts helped us to resolve new industrial constraints and to construct a complete simulation chain, integrating software, service and hardware. Thanks to SIMULIA, we will be able to make our systems reliable and implement appropriate changes. We can check at an early stage that the boat will function properly when in use without having to launch a prototype initially. This means we can design a good boat at the first attempt, which saves us a considerable amount of time to speed up our innovation.”
Benjamin LERONDEAU – Naval Architect


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