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About Delphi


Delphi is world leader in the supply of technology for the automotive and commercial vehicles market.


“We now do in one hour what used to take us four hours”


The world-class equipment manufacturer and expert in mechatronic solutions was looking for a way to:


  • Optimize the prototyping and parts assembly phase
  • Strengthen collaborative management
  • Manage the future of mechatronics


The easy-to-use 3DVIA Composer made it possible to share information and documentation around the digital mock-up with all of the actors involved in the development process of a project – including non-technical users.


Now, for each data transfer with their customers, all of the pluridisciplinary teams can (in real time and in the same environment):

  • Visualize the same file
  • Analyze it
  • Modify it
  • Validate it prior to sending





KEONYS supported Delphi with the implementation of its 3DVIA Composer solution in order to help them enhance their business expertise with a view to entering new markets.



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