As a specialist design department working on the dynamic behavior of systems, CAPSIM is involved in the analysis and implementation of electrical networks and complex industrial facilities across various sectors including both the merchant navy and navy, heavy manufacturing, energy (nuclear power plants, photovoltaic power plants and wind farms, etc.) as well as scientific research sites (ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).



Industrial Challenges

One of the key challenges CAPSIM encountered was the need to convince key clients that the methodologies they developed to predict and anticipate the risks inherent in large-scale industrial projects were crucial to their interests.

The numerical simulation tools allow CAPSIM to perform complex calculations and construct models tailored to specific technical objectives and to the specifications in any given project.


Témoignage client KEONYS : CAPSIMI noticed limitations and weakness during our design process in that we could control the fixed elements but we were not able to provide succint information regarding the dynamic behavior within the facilities. 

Raymond PAULY – Managing Director




Thanks to the digital simulation software and specific implementation methodologies, CAPSIM is capable of completing predictive simulations to reduce the risks associated to specific projects, from the design phase to the operation and maintenance of the network / facility.


Performance optimization, accurate delivery time-scales and reliability of the final service are all key areas upon which their customers differentiate between the service they offer and the service provided by their competitors.


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