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Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Vendôme SAS belongs to the German group Robert BOSCH GmbH, one of the world leaders in the automotive industry. The Vendôme plant, the R&D center and production site, is a flagship company for the design, manufacture and sale of steering columns for passenger and commercial vehicles.

As a first tier producer of automotive equipment with more than 40 years’ experience, BOSCH is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of steering columns, and their vision of excellence puts quality firmly at the top of their priority list.



Industrial Challenges

Steering columns development requires straight technical specifications (mechanical requirements, space restrictions, part connectivity, durability etc.). Fulfill every criteria imposes a great number of design iterations, potentially  time-consuming and expensive considering some criteria antagonisms.


Consequently, the integration of simulation solutions into existing processes (ABAQUS, TOSCA and ISIGHT) was critical to BOSCH. As a result, KEONYS and BOSCH have worked closely together to implement the best possible methodologies to reduce the time to market required for the steering columns.


Témoignage client KEONYS - BOSCHThe recognition we receive for out expertise is founded upon the expertise within our teams and their use of sophisticated tools which allow us to optimize the quality of our products and service. 

Dr Slim BEN-ELECHI – FEA Team Leader




Improved integration of simulation solutions (ABAQUS: FEA, TOSCA: shape optimization, ISIGHT: parametric optimization and simulation process data-capturing) allows to take into account the requisite criteria of the specifications in a single simulation process.


This has enabled BOSCH to determine the best design earlier in the design cycle and thus reduce the number of design iterations required.



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