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About 40-30

Since 1986, 40-30 has been providing maintenance for industrial and research material and equipment in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and photovoltaic fields (skills transfer, materialization of expertise and continual improvement, maintenance engineering and training services, monitoring tools and eCommerce platforms).



Carry out maintenance procedures in 3D

40-30 was looking for a PLM solution to:


  • Carry out 3D maintenance procedures for major clients
  • Leverage maintenance manuals for equipment test procedures
  • Equip themselves with a user-friendly tool for operators


«3DVIA is the ideal tool for the effective and visual integration of precise technical information into our maintenance procedures».
Stéphane HURY, 40-30 R&D Manager




KEONYS assisted 40-30 with the deployment of 3DVIA Composer and SAFE.



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