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Thank you for visiting our website. You may be wondering about the privacy of your dealings with Keonys. We hope that this privacy statement will answer all your questions; otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us by email or letter at the addresses below.

A. Online privacy / Marketing contacts and privacy / Licence activation and / or Licence registration and privacy

Information collected from online visitors:

You can usually visit the Keonys website without revealing your identity or any personal information such as your name, phone number, postal or email address. Our Web server collects IP addresses in order to obtain general information about the use of our website. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the Internet. We do not link IP addresses to identifiable personal information. You can therefore remain anonymous when you visit our website.

Our Web servers also collect various items of information, such as the number of visits, the average duration of the visits, the pages viewed, etc. This information cannot, however, be traced back to an individual user. It is used by Keonys to analyse the user profiles of visitors to the website and generate ideas for improvement.

Some of our Web pages use cookies to enable us to serve you better and provide you with customised information when you next visit our site. Cookies are identifiers that a website sends to your computer via your browser to make your next visit more efficient. They can, for example, record the fact that you registered for a seminar, which helps us to recognise you as a registered person on your next visit. Nevertheless, you can, if you wish, set your browser to inform you whenever cookies are sent so that you can decide whether or not you want to accept them.

You will sometimes be asked to provide us with specific personal information, e.g. when downloading software, registering for a seminar, signing up for a competition or any other event or answering a request from our website. You can decide not to give us this information, but you will not then be able to complete certain operations.

Entities collecting personal information. The information provided on this site is collected by Keonys – 24 quai Gallieni – Bât A – 2ème étage – CS 40024 – 92158 SURESNES CEDEX, France. The company’s telephone number is +33 (0)1 81 93 81 93.

This website provides links to other websites belonging to and managed by other companies. These websites may also collect personal information which, in that case, will be subject to the privacy policies of the site and the company collecting it.

Information collected via marketing activities
Keonys carries out various marketing activities that enable it to collect personal information. For example, we collect details of visitors during trade shows; we lease lists of email and postal addresses for marketing campaigns; we invite the public to download free software from our website in exchange for their details; we organise competitions asking participants to provide us with basic personal information when they register; and we obtain addresses from publications targeting the industry sectors from which we hope to attract customers. We lease the above-mentioned lists of names and addresses from entities that provide the names of only those people who have “agreed” to receive communications from companies such as Keonys. We do not usually receive actual details of people, but only the possibility of sending them emails or letters via a mailing agency bound by a privacy policy.

Information collected via licence activation and/or registration
When customers register or activate software licences distributed by Keonys, Keonys collects information such as their company name, the sender’s address, the contact’s name, email address, telephone number, title and position, as well as information on the products designed, the primary CAD program used and the line of business. Keonys bases its request for this information on the principle that it is important to know one’s customers and send them relevant product information. In some cases, Keonys may send the information it has collected to a third party that grants it a licence for a technology used in the products being activated. If the licence-holding company asks Keonys for the name of the employee who has activated a certain licence, Keonys will provide the company with this information so that it knows where its licences are being used.

Use of personal information
Keonys may use your personal information for various purposes, including registration, authentication and marketing. We may use it to notify you of special offers, competitions, updates and other Keonys products and services that might interest you. If you are a Keonys customer or if you were previously a customer of Dassault Systèmes Solutions France (DSF), we may use your personal information to contact you for customer relations/service purposes. We may, for example, contact you to find out whether you wish to renew your maintenance contract or other contracts with Keonys, ask you to reply to a survey about our products and services or to settle a problem with an order.

Keonys and the editors of software distributed by Keonys share personal information associated with current or potential customers.

We may also provide you with information about the products and/or services of third parties that might interest you. We may send this information by email or give your name and address to a mailing agency that is bound by a privacy agreement and which sends information on behalf of a third party. This agency is not authorised to give your name and details to the third party in question and must return the information to us or destroy the list after the information has been sent. We do not supply your personal information directly to a third party not mentioned in this statement, unless we tell you otherwise when we collect your information.

If you do not wish to receive information about other products or services provided by Keonys or other companies, please let us know (see contact details below). We will comply with your wishes. The messages we send about offers that might interest you also contain instructions on how to stop receiving emails.

Keonys keeps the personal data of its customers and visitors to its websites indefinitely and stores and processes this information directly or indirectly in one or more databases in the USA and other countries. We may engage other companies to supply services on our behalf, including the storage and use of your personal information for the purposes of sending messages by letter or email. These companies or third parties are bound to observe the confidentiality of this information and are not authorised to use it for purposes other than those that we specify. By providing Keonys with your personal information, you agree to the company storing and using it in locations where the company and its subsidiaries have offices (worldwide) and for various purposes, including those mentioned above.

Keonys may also disclose this personal information if it is required by law to do so or if it considers in good faith that such disclosure is necessary for compliance with a legal procedure (such as a warrant, summons or other court orders) or to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Keonys, its customers or the public.

Keonys is anxious to ensure that the information collected remains accurate. Please inform us of any change of address, telephone number, email address or other personal information by email webmaster mail .This email address is protected from spammer robots; you will have to activate Javascript to see it.) or by letter to the following address:

Keonys – 24 quai Gallieni – Bât A – 2ème étage – CS 40024 – 92158 SURESNES CEDEX, France.

If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive information from Keonys, please send an email or letter to the addresses indicated above or email us at remove mail.This email address is protected from spammer robots; you will have to activate Javascript to see it. Please note that as some email services and other contacts may not process your request immediately, you may continue to receive messages for a while after notifying your wish to be removed from the mailing list.

Change of policy
Keonys reserves the right to change this policy from time to time. All changes will be posted on this website. We therefore recommend that you read our privacy policy regularly.

B. Directory of Keonys certified professionals and other public lists/community sections of the website, including the Discussion forum.

Many Keonys users improve their visibility professionally and commercially through their inclusion in the Keonys website lists which indicate private individuals who have become Keonys certified professionals or possess other recognised skills or qualifications. Keonys makes this information available to the public on its website, as a service to private individuals. If you meet the criteria required for inclusion in such lists, but do not wish to divulge your personal information, please contact Keonys at the address shown in the “Update personal information” and “Remove” section above.

C. Third party sites

This website provides links to other websites belonging to and managed by other companies. These websites may also collect personal information which, in this case, will be subject to the privacy policies of the site and company gathering it. Keonys is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of websites it does not own. Please consult the privacy policy of other sites before giving them your personal information.

D. Technical support, special cases and privacy

Information collected in connection with technical support and use of such information
Keonys technical support can generally obtain a customer’s details from the serial number and registration data stored in the customer database. Keonys may use these details to respond to requests and/or to ask customers for additional personal information.

Keonys sometimes needs files and/or information related to models to better diagnose the technical problems encountered by its customers. Keonys might pass on a customer’s files and information associated with a model to the licensor of a technology used in a product it distributes if it considers that this can help the licensor to diagnose or resolve a problem notified by a customer. All licensors are also bound by the contract to protect the confidentiality of models and files belonging to customers.

Third-party software that can interoperate with software distributed by Keonys, such as an operating system, may ask your system for data that will help it to diagnose problems. You will be informed of the reasons for this request and you can choose whether or not to reply. The third party will be responsible for any privacy issues associated with the information you have supplied to it.

Keonys stores certain files belonging to its customers in a database and/or passes them onto the editors so that regression and other tests associated with the distributed software can be performed.

We hope that this privacy statement will help you to understand Keonys’ policy with respect to your personal and corporate information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email or letter as indicated above in the “Update personal information” and “Remove” section.

Last update: February 2015

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