REPLAY WEBINAR – Introduction to CenitFlex+ Application Starter

Event the 17 October 2019






How to optimize the different CAD applications and their environment from your OEMs?


Discover CenitFlex+ Application Starter!


A uniform and clear interface makes it easy to use and ensures a quick and secure launch of all CAx applications in their proper environment. Starter app checks the license and the correct configuration of each application before it starts, eliminating the wasted time trying to start unlicensed applications. In addition, it only displays applications for which the current user is authorized. It also includes a built-in “GoOffline” feature, allowing the user to independently transfer the necessary applications and CAD environments to his mobile device for use outside the local network.


In this Webinar, you will see how CenitFlex+ Application Starter works and what its advantages are :


  • Quick launch of CAD applications
  • Uniform start-up interface for all CAx applications
  • Pre-check of license availability
  • Control of the license rights
  • Easy operation for users and administrators
  • Pre-configured environment