EVENT KEONYS and Dassault Systèmes – Innovation Day, September 17th 2019, at Vélizy (Campus DS)

Event the 17 September 2019




The Industry of the Future for all! Industry representatives talk to you about digital transformation…

KEONYS is holding the second edition of Innovation Day in partnership with Dassault Systèmes on September 17th 2019. The objective of this event is to show you the challenges, the issues and the benefits of digital transformation in the industry.


The program of this day dedicated to 3DEXPERIENCE® (from 9 am to 6 pm) :


8.30 am


Welcoming participants




Introduction on Digital Transformation


Speakers: Martin Grunau & Patrick Derouin.

Animated by Christine Kerdellant

10 am – 11 am


Round table: “Digital transformation with 3DEXPERIENCE®:

issues and prospects of the industrial and academical sector”


Speakers: SBM Offshore, MCPP, Spacetrain and Louis Armand High School. Animated by Christine Kerdellant
11.30 am


The winning steps of a successful digital transformation


Speakers: Gilles Poirier, Sabrina Legué and Philippe Delahaye.

Animated by Alain Gaillard



Lunch cocktail and a visit of Dassault Systèmes playground to discover innovative experiences


2 pm – 4 pm


3 Workshops to choose from: 1 – Simulation as a design tool


– General presentation of simulation with Smart PLM and Ready to Grow

– Presentation of simulation capabilities with SIMULIA 3DEXPERIENCE® and Legacy

– Presentation of the latest news on Xflow & CST


Speakers: Martin Hermann, Alexandre Bel and experts from Dassault Systèmes
2 pm – 4 pm


3 Workshops to choose from: 2 – 3DEXPERIENCE®: Smart PLM


-End to End Demonstration: How to increase efficiency by leveraging digital continuity?

– How SMART PLM allows you to:

  • Break silos
  • Allocating skills to promote efficiency
  • Collaborate on the overall process
  • Innovate


Speakers: Romain Barbier and Gilles Poirier
2 pm – 4 pm


3 Workshops to choose from: 3 – Manufacturing: Digital continuity: from the digital twin of a production environment to industrial planning


-Manufacturing BOM, Process Planning, Work instruction with DELMIA Digital Manufacturing portfolio

-Industrial planning with DELMIA Supply Chain Planning and Optimization (Ortems)

-DELMIA Client testimonial


Speaker: Franck Eichenberger
4 pm – 6 pm


2 one-hour sessions of 3DEXPERIENCE® Business Innovation Essentials certification – Associate level



About the 3DEXPERIENCE® Business Innovation Essentials Associate level certification :


  • Goal: Assessing foundational skills for collaborating in communities and sharing project data
  • Reference: 3DEXPERIENCE® Business Innovation Essentials
  • Exam Length: >1 hour (45 Questions)
  • Minimum Passing grade: 70%
  • Format: MCQ
  • Content: DSPassport, 3DSwym communities, 3DCompass, 3DDrive, 3DPlay, 3DMessaging, 3DNotifications.

To be well prepared for the assessment, participants will have access to the online exercise platform.



A successful first edition last year


During the first edition of the Innovation Day in June 2018, many stakeholders within SME-ETI exchanged with their peers, institutions, experts from KEONYS and Dassault Systèmes. The outcome of this day shows that digital transformation is underway for everyone, the start-up, SMEs and big companies.


The industry of the future is not a myth. It is part of today and tomorrow’s challenges of all companies to ensure that product and service innovation goes hand in hand with growth and competitiveness. Feedback from our customers and partners will demonstrate the major benefits of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.