How digitalization accelerates suppliers development ? Discover the 4 steps to success

As an aeronautical supplier, you are facing strong competition and multiple challenges such as time optimization, meeting production deadlines, communication with your customers, costs and many other technical difficulties such as aircraft noise management. We present you 4 steps that will allow you to identify areas of improvement that will allow you to accelerate your development.


Step 1 : Improve engineering performance


Did you know that an engineer spends an average of 34% of their time on non-value added work ?


Searching for information, recreating data that they could not find, applying changes made by their peers…. These non-value added tasks are time-consuming. Dassault Systèmes has created an infography to identify these tasks and help you focus on the essentials to improve your time-to-market, reduce your costs and increase your margin.



Step 2 : Increase profitability

Download the e-book: “Increase profitability by reducing non-value added

work in engineering”


To differentiate themselves from competitors in the aeronautics and defence industry, engineering teams must innovate, pay attention to quality, performance and costs. Among these challenges is the issue of wasting time on non-value added tasks is a challenge that can be automated with tools.


In this ebook, you will discover how to optimize working time in order to be more competitive and increase profitability by reducing the time spent on non-value added tasks.





Step 3 : Identify noise sources

Simulation to identify noise sources and limit their spread on the ground


As an aeronautics engineer, identifying noise sources is a real challenge because it is difficult to find the different sources of noise. New technologies and in particular simulation allow engineers to identify each noise source and mitigate its effects on the ground.


Watch how simulation can be used to identify each noise source and mitigate its effects on the ground.


Step 4 : Visualize assembling sequences

With DELMIA Virtual Build, simulate manufacturing processes


New technologies and fierce competition are forcing manufacturers to produce faster and more efficiently. Therefore, production planning and scheduling must be adapted to all the challenges of the business.


Thanks to DELMIA Virtual Build, simulation allows you to correct any errors early in the process and adjust production to optimize it.


Download the free white paper “How visualisation transforms process planning”


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