Reinvent engineering, operations and planning with DELMIA

Coupled with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, DELMIA allows you to model and design the means of production of your factory. Imagine at will the planning, management and optimization of your manufacturing systems while keeping control over your budget.


Achieving operational excellence requires harmony between design, production, distribution, human resources and processes.


DELMIA’s product portfolio allows you to design a project in a simulated environment, plan, produce and efficiently manage all the resources necessary for the successful deployment of your project, right through to production and final delivery to your customer. 


With DELMIA : 


  • Plan resources and processes to create and optimize manufacturing systems
  • Optimize manufacturing resources virtually in parallel with planning
  • Monitor production activities in real time, modify schedules, launch new programs, introduce model changes and plan maintenance operations


What benefits?


  • The speed of the design of the production process
  • The overall management of the production process for all project stakeholders
  • Improving the efficiency of the production process
  • Better cost control by reducing errors detected during simulation
  • An internet connection reserved for users for creation and collaboration related to the planning of the manufacturing process
  • Improved productivity and safety for workers by simulating their movements
  • Dedicated ready-to-use manufacturing and production processes, accelerating product launch


Discover DELMIA Ortems

Application Fields

Supply chain planning and operations with DELMIA Ortems

DELMIA Ortems offers collaborative solutions for industrial planning and production scheduling, integrated with ERP, MES and PLM offers on the market with more than 16,000 large group and SMI users in 60 countries.


Plan, schedule and optimize complex business processes at all planning levels.


Use the integrated supply chain planning and optimization platform to prepare your stakeholders, manage their billing environment and logistics operations.   


DELMIA Ortems allows the optimization of finite capacity resources based on constraints and the synchronization of production flows, from raw materials to finished products.


DELMIA Ortems’ commitment to the “Smart Factory” approach for a more digital, connected, collaborative and agile production is a key element of the new MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) architectures.


Key Benefits : 

  • Plan at all levels to optimize results
  • Solve the most complex planning and operations optimization problems
  • Gain visibility through planning 
  • Receive instant feedback on the quality of decisions based on key performance indicators




Manufacturing operations management solutions enable you to achieve excellence through continuity and a digital environment shared by all stakeholders. 


Improve visibility, control and synchronization of manufacturing and processes, gain flexibility and continuously improve the supply chain


DELMIA guarantees you a data-driven digital user experience that enables users to implement business processes that are accessible to all stakeholders internationally. 


Key Benefits : 

  • Coordinate processes to improve collaboration
  • Gain real-time visibility, control and synchronization of business processes deployed in international operations
  • Extract manufacturing intelligence in real time to continuously improve processes globally


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Improve innovation and manufacturing


These solutions leverage the planning, simulation and modeling of all manufacturing processes to improve innovation and manufacturing.


With DELMIA, virtually test your plant’s production, from design and its consequences to developing solutions to meet demand.


Coupled with simulation, DELMIA allows you to adapt your processes and react quickly to competition and demand.


Thanks to its digital manufacturing functionalities, DELMIA allows you to extend your visualization to global manufacturing, without limiting yourself to the product, to simulate manufacturing processes, test the first stages of your development, anticipate problems and define the best possible approach. 


Key Benefits :   

  • Plan, through comprehensive 3D processes and resource planning tools, & create and optimize on-demand manufacturing systems
  • Simulate to virtually define and optimize manufacturing & planning resources
  • Use an accurate virtual production system to track production activities in real time, modify schedules, launch new programs, introduce model changes and plan maintenance operations

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