It’s behind us when SMEs and ETIs used to say “digital is expensive and I don’t see what it’s for”. Today, a majority of entrepreneurs are aware of the usefulness of modernising their industrial facilities. On the other hand, when it comes to taking action and initiating a transformation project, certain apprehensions surface. “Complicated”, “not the time”, “not the means”, “not the staff”… How to help SMEs – ETI to overcome these obstacles to enable them to develop their factory?

The employee will be able to make better trade-offs, using a scheduling and decision support tool. As soon as a customer order arrives, the software solution will allow the best planning of the means (machines and human resources). The manufacturing instructions will be sent in real time to the operators.

Indeed, man is a central element of the factory of the future and an integral part of the company’s value chain. Digital transformation will therefore make it possible to work more comfortably and efficiently by optimizing workstations so that physical robotization combined with process automation allow better decision-making and increased agility to solve problems effectively.

Our mission is to accompany the modernization of the industry thanks to our expertise in the integration of digital solutions.
From start-ups to large groups, our ambition is to rethink and implement new industrial processes to build together a sustainable, humane and efficient economic model.