The Factory of the Future, for what needs? Robotics, Simulation & Virtual Factory

The factory of the future, digital factory, digital factory, or factory 4.0… the terms are numerous to speak of modernization of the industrial tool. These evolutions are made possible thanks to new key technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality

And at the same time, tomorrow’s plant is much more than technology. It is a different way of organizing work to optimize its production process and anticipate hazards. So technology is a tool, but what key organizational needs does it address?

Your objective n°3 : Reduce costs and lead times for production development

What’s at stake?

Mobilizing entire teams and immobilizing assembly lines to solve production problems.

How’s it going today?

Thanks to the DELMIA digital simulation tools, the commissioning time of the production line has been reduced by 10: from an average of 30-40 hours to 4 hours today.
Romain Bournet, Manager of Bilsing Automation

Long development phases, which require the mobilization of many personnel, physical manipulations that immobilize the plant, result, significant costs related to the shutdown of production.

Tomorrow, how will it be? 

We stimulate the 3D operation of the factory: we place the robots, the machine tools in the right place, we stimulate the behaviour of the machine,… We do everything “right, the first time”, we avoid tests; adjustments. We optimize the physical and real robots, we simulate the operation of the entire plant, …

The benefits? 

Everything is ready in the offices, even before arriving in the workshop, development times and plant downtime costs are considerably reduced, digital simulation is more economical than physical development.