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Comment diminuer les coûts de fabrication et réduire les cycles de développement ? Découvrez tous les atouts du PLM pour les PME et TPE dans ce Livre Blanc !
Gégé & Josy : Cap sur la Simulation Numérique !
Découvrez le nouveau Livre Blanc KEONYS sur la Simulation Numérique et l'Industrie du Futur
Votre fidélité récompensée avec le Customer Excellence Program de Dassault Systèmes
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Les RDV Innovation et Productivité de KEONYS Tout au long de l'année, KEONYS organise différentes manifestations à destination de ses clients et prospects. 2016 se prépare... Si vous souhaitez être informés dès la mise en ligne d'un rendez-vous, insc...
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Meet KEONYS at the Dassault Systèmes well-known event : the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum, November, 21 in Paris, and November, 15 in Germany.
Dassault Systèmes SIMULI...
This meeting brings together users to share their knowledge and experience in advancing methods and technology for finite element analysis, multiphysics, process automation, design optimization, fatigue and simulation management.
Arts&Métiers ParisTe...
KEONYS and Arts et Métiers ParisTech joined forces to create a new diploma course to specialize at the highest level engineers of tomorrow and position them as key actors in innovation and industrial processing.
Dassault Systèmes
KEONYS is the leading European distributor of Dassault Systèmes software, "The 3DEXPERIENCE Company" that provides to companies and individuals virtual worlds where they can imagine sustainable innovations.
Aerospace Valley
The ambition of the Aerospace Valley is to improve employment in its territory in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems. KEONYS, major player in this economic area, is an active member of this competitiveness pole.
KEONYS is partner of Alioscopy. Thanks to the auto-stereoscopic screens which allow to see 3D instantaneouslyy, without having to wear special glasses, project reviews of 3D model become interactive and efficient.
Bordeaux Technowest
KEONYS, 3D and PLM main player into the Bordeaux basin, capitalize on the ambition of the Bordeaux Technowest in order to establish itself as an economic development tool for the Bordeaux Urban Community.
KEONYS offers CADdoctor software Elysium: interactive geometry verification for multi-CAD data exchange, simplification for CAE, as well as tools for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.
HP, major partner of KEONYS for equipments in workstation for its customers and for any type of project.
IMS Software
KEONYS is a partner of IMS Software, a global leader in the development of post processors, vital interface between your Computer-aided manufacturing software, whatever it is, and your Numerical Control Machine.
KEONYS GIMELEC is a member of the Association of Industries of the electrical equipment, process control and related services.
Keonys sells the IBM Power 7 servers, compatible with OS Unix, Linux and IBM i. The Power 7 processor has a built-in L3 cache 32MB six times faster than the previous version, and contains 8 cores, each able to execute four processes simultaneously.
KEONYS is a partner of Moldex 3D who offers a suite of CAE products for mould-making industry of the injection of plastics.
KEONYS combines the proven technologies of Qualstar libraries and Quest BakBone Software, and proposes the implementation of a high performance solution for securing your business data.
Syntec Numérique
Syntec Numérique professional union is the first employers' association of digital. Syntec Numérique is the backbone of the entire industry, including KEONYS is a major player in the field of PLM.
Transcat PLM
KEONYS is distributing Transcat PLM software in France, in particular Q-Checker who allows the companies to follow their own conception and to fulfill high quality standards.
KEONYS connects software solutions of Dassault Systèmes, particularly those of the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry (CPG) mobile technology, agile, touch and 4K. The Toughpad tablet 4K UT-MA6 Panasonic is the first and only tablet certified by Dassault...
An international group
Keonys offers companies of all sizes and all industry sectors a complete range of solutions to increase their innovation and develop their competitiveness thanks to 3D and the virtualisation technologies used in developing their PLM products.