The Factory of the Future, for what needs? Machining & digital continuity

The factory of the future, digital factory, digital factory, or factory 4.0… the terms are numerous to speak of modernization of the industrial tool. These evolutions are made possible thanks to new key technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality

And at the same time, tomorrow’s plant is much more than technology. It is a different way of organizing work to optimize its production process and anticipate hazards. So technology is a tool, but what key organizational needs does it address?

Your objective n°6 : Save time and precision on your machining process

What’s at stake?

The machine tool path is simulated and optimized, but the design office modifies the shape of the part…

How’s it going today?

Repeat the programming of the machining operation.

Tomorrow, how will it be? 

The design and machining software are connected, so there is no need to redo the work if the design office is modified. The programming of the machine tool is recalculated according to the changes. This considerably reduces the time between design and machining.

The benefits? 

This makes it easier for departments to work together, resulting in more iterations between design and machining, and saving time.