How to deploy PLM on the Cloud in the industry?

More and more SMEs, ETIs and start-ups are using Cloud services to design, simulate and plan their industrial production. Like private interactions, the industrial world interconnected to its extended ecosystem needs responsiveness and agility to better collaborate and meet the needs of its market. The Cloud offers new opportunities for small and medium enterprises to combine key services, cost control and technological innovation.

But any digital transformation raises many questions about the impact of adopting a new technology. “The first fundamental question to ask is: what business processes do I need to implement or improve? There is no point in opting for a particular solution or supplier on the Cloud before having answered this strategic question”, explains Martin Grunau, CEO of KEONYS France.

READY4Cloud, a personalized support service

The definition of business needs and requirements is a prerequisite for any decision making. KEONYS-CENIT assists each company in establishing a roadmap with the right questions to ask, such as: “Is my organization mature enough to transform itself? “, “Does my Cloud partner have the right levels of certification for my business?” Where will my data be stored?” and the list is far from exhaustive!

In less than three months, KEONYS-CENIT consultants are able to deploy the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the Dassault Systèmes Cloud thanks to its READY4Cloud offer. The successful adoption of the Cloud is based on five key steps: Assessment, Integration, Discovery, Demonstration and Deployment.

Security system that you can trust

Controlling and protecting the flow of information in and out of the organization is one of the main concerns of companies. Fears and misconceptions have a hard time. And yet the security of industrial data in the Cloud is often far better than that offered by traditional IT platforms.

Cloud providers make IT resources and applications available to users in the form of different models that can be accessed via the Internet. “Having your own servers onsite does not guarantee better security than in our data centers,” said David Chassan, Chief Strategy Officer, 3DS Outscale. “In addition to that, we are the only cloud provider to offer the highest level of certification and the first in the world to be awarded the SecNumCloud label”.

Exciting topic, isn’t it?

To find out more: download an excerpt from our white paper, The Cloud, A performance booster for industry :

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