What if collaborative innovation became the real driver of your growth and competitiveness?

Cost reduction, quality and innovation are the main challenges the industrial chain, from OEMs to suppliers of all sizes and in all sectors, has to face nowadays. But how can you continue to combine innovation with the growing and complex requirements of your market while remaining competitive? The promise of the Cloud: cheaper, more agile and secure hosting services is intruding considerably into the industrial sphere. CENIT-KEONYS expects that by 2025, around 50% of new licences sold by the group will be Cloud-based. Interview with Martin Thiel, Senior Vice-President, WW 3DS-PLM, CENIT. 


SME/MID-SIZE COMPANY/START-UP: The Cloud is made for you

The use of applications on the Cloud, through social networks, messaging or online collaborative platforms, has invaded the daily lives of citizens. Now Industry is seizing those digital opportunities to design, simulate and plan its production online and collaboratively with its community; a tremendous advantage to imagine and create the products and services of the future.  You can say goodbye to IT infrastructure costs, long rollout times and working in silos.

As the leading international partner for Dassault Systèmes’ digital solutions, CENIT-KEONYS supports its customers in their digital transformation and their transition to the Cloud through strategic industrial projects such as aerospace, ecological transport, research programmes, etc. But the industry world worries about protecting its sensitive data. Is it a question of a company’s digital maturity?

Personalization is the big paradigm shift between traditional software installed on site and the same software accessible on the Cloud. The Cloud is much more secure than you might think”, explains Martin Thiel. “If you look at the amounts spent on infrastructure security by companies that specialize in Cloud hosting, it is clear that a single company could not afford to invest as much. SMBs and startups are gradually coming to understand this, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SecNumCloud certifications are also helping to overcome this obstacle.”

Being freed from part of the IT infrastructure costs and having the latest updates in real time for all the stakeholders in a project is really a valuable asset for medium and small sized structures, ensuring that 90% of their needs are covered. It is also an opportunity to focus energies on the company’s core business in order to design better and faster.


The digital twin, a key contributor to innovation

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides the Industry sector with a “digital twin” of its activity to optimise the innovation strategy of the companies. Combining simulation and data, the digital twin reproduces the real system it models. It makes it possible to anticipate the product life cycle stages and to plan the activities of the whole production chain.

A factory’s “digital twin” means virtually designed products, but also manufacturing processes and production management in digital mode, linked to real-time data. Housing a “digital twin” on the Cloud means it can be accessed any time, anywhere, and connected to an extended ecosystem. It is a way for companies to easily integrate entire value chains to make them more productive, agile and innovative”, adds Martin Thiel.


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