What is the Cloud?

A subject that is becoming more and more democratic, the Cloud is already part of our lives through a large number of applications that have developed in recent years: social networks, messaging, streaming… It is now investing the industrial sphere to increase efficiency and innovation.

But what exactly are we talking about?

We spontaneously use the Cloud in our daily lives through applications such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp,… because the Cloud facilitates and even intensifies our virtual exchanges when distance is an obstacle to real encounters.

“When we go to private homes, we always find the same problem. The hard disk is full, mainly because of photos. What makes them want to use the Cloud to manage their data? To get rid of hardware constraints, and stop investing in external drives and SD cards.” Alain Gaillard, Director of CENIT-KEONYS Services.

Just as naturally, the Cloud has entered our professional lives, whether in the office or remotely. It has become an essential collaborative tool for carrying out team projects in the company. Who hasn’t experimented during the health crisis due to COVID-19 the collaborative platforms Skype, Zoom or GoToMeeting from home to avoid losing the human link and ensure business continuity? It has even been boosted by the numerous online training courses and webinars that have developed considerably during this period.

In short, working and collaborating remotely in the cloud is linked with agility, efficiency and security. There is no longer any need to install software or servers on site, they can be accessed via the internet with a single click. The industry is adopting the same practices. “If you want to develop a new product, you can connect with vendors, with your peers and talk to them about the design. The Cloud implements collective intelligence. ” Martin Thiel, Senior Vice-President, WordlWide 3DS-PLM, CENIT.

Yes, but every business is unique…

One would think that the use of the Cloud in the industry is more complicated. There are three models of Cloud services, each of which meets the specific needs of the company. The choice is yours:

  • The SaaS It is a “software as a service” that meets this demand: “I want to pay a subscription to access my software online, via the Internet”.
  • The PaaS It is a “platform as a service” that meets this demand: “I want to be able to install my custom software environment, on a ready-to-use platform”.
  • The IaaS It is an “infrastructure as a service” that meets this demand: “I want to move my IT infrastructure to a data-center but I keep control of my servers and their management”.

Captivating subject, isn’t it?

To find out more: download an excerpt from our white paper, A Performance Booster for Industry: What is the Cloud?