Industrie du Futur : les étapes pour moderniser

Industry of the Future: A Practical Guide – Where to Start?

Modernize, okay, but where do I start?


How to define a roadmap


If today manufacturers have understood that it is becoming essential to integrate digital tools to improve their productivity and competitiveness, it is important to be supported to build a coherent approach. The objective is simple: to help managers express their vision and define an action plan to implement the best digital solutions to strengthen and modernize production tools.

At KEONYS this support bears the name of CDA (Company Digital Alignment) and is articulated around 4 major axes :

  • STEP 1: FRAME to define the scope of the study according to the company’s challenges and priorities
  • STEP 2: OBSERVE & EXCHANGE in order to have as detailed an understanding as possible of the company’s activities, the roles of each person, the processes and tools used through the conduct of interviews, whether with managers or operational staff
  • STEP 3: GUIDELINE & DEFINE with management realistic avenues for improvement while taking into account company priorities, implementation times, costs and levels of difficulty
  • STEP 4: SHARE the results of the study and the tools to be implemented through a feedback phase.