After invading the private sphere through social networks, communication platforms, streaming… the Cloud has become a major innovation issue in the industrial world. Some would tend to consider that the Cloud is more suited to large groups. And yet the testimonials that we have collected in the white paper: The Cloud, a performance lever in industry, concern SMEs and start-ups that find both qualitative and quantitative benefits to develop and conquer new market shares.

Companies are facing a dual challenge: that of transforming themselves digitally to keep pace with the changes in their ecosystem and that of keeping control of their information systems, which are increasingly open. The two are not antinomic, actually they are complementary. Thanks to the Cloud, organizations of all sizes and in all sectors can access the right information more quickly and easily in real time to boost collaborative innovation. New uses for new conquests that the digital transformation makes possible.

In what way is the Cloud a performance booster?

The industry is embracing this new technology to revolutionize access to product design, simulation and production planning solutions. According to Vincent Frérebeau, Director of Cloud Worldwide Sales, Dassault Systèmes, “The primary reason is financial: eliminating the cost of hardware and moving computing power offpremise to data centers allows small and large companies to outsource their infrastructure costs, especially those associated with maintenance and security. Many highly innovative yet modestly sized clients
can afford to “rent” our Cloud-based solutions”. Adopting the Cloud also means choosing an agile and efficient way of organising work. One click via the Internet is all it takes to access software or servers on site and involve all the players in a project.

PLM on the Cloud for everyone and in total security!

Everything starts with the need to reduce IT investments, to design products faster, to collaborate efficiently, and  to secure data. Each employee in the company obviously has his or her own objectives. The CEO, to reduce investment costs, the IT Director, to reduce infrastructure costs, the Product Designer, to design his projects in complete security, the simulation & analysis Project Manager, to program simulations with in-house software, the Sales & Marketing Manager, to collaborate with all business lines, the Quality & Security Manager, to ensure the confidence of internal and external clients.

The entire value chain of the company is therefore led to collaborate more effectively on site or remotely in a safe way. “As a Cloud provider, we offer the highest level of certification and we are the first in the world to earn the SecNumCloud label issued by ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency). This label guarantees the security of processes and services for highly sensitive and strategic areas,” explains David Chassan, Chief Strategy Officer, 3DS Outscale.


Feedback from industrial projects

How to provide a secure environment for collaboration between companies in the European aeronautics and defense sector? How to have access to the best design tools to reinvent the French airship? How to train students to collaborate, communicate and innovate when designing an industrial product? The reasons for switching to the Cloud are very clear: increased visibility, cost reduction, optimized performance to refocus on one’s core business.

Exciting subject, isn’t it?

To learn more, download an excerpt from our white paper: THE CLOUD, a performance booster for Industry: Why is the industry shifting to the cloud?