Industry of the Future: Practical guide – How I commit my employees

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Setting up technological tools to produce is essential in the context of a digital transformation project. However, this is not enough to guarantee the success of such a project. Indeed, a successful digital transformation requires the commitment of employees to the project.


 “Digital should not be seen as a means of reducing the workforce, but as a factor of progress for the company and its employees. »
Anaïs Rajery-Rasata from BPI France Le Lab


How can you help your employees adopt the new tools?

  • The leader is convinced of the usefulness of the project and brings it to his collaborators,
  • Management communicates to inform and reassure employees,
  • All departments need to be involved in production optimization: each employee has a role in the adoption of the tool,
  • The new tools are being implemented gradually with employees,
  • Employee benefits are anticipated and demonstrated,..