Through advanced planning and scheduling systems, manufacturers take the digital path.

Digital manufacturing is now concerning all the industries, from the stationary and diary sector to the production of PVC and thermoplastic elastomer pieces. In order to stay competitive, manufacturers need to take into account the digital tools that can help them achieve their goals and take their challenges.

For decades, planning systems have been used by thousands of manufacturers in their factories to help them achieve their goals : reduce their costs, plan their production, manage their resources etc… But the real value of those planning systems is that they help communication and coordination between all the departments (therefore breaking information silos). They allow the team to keep going towards the same direction.

MRPs and ERPs tools are essentials for all manufacturers to manage their production and resources, simulate basic “what if” scenarios and so on. However they are limited by not being connected to all the elements of the production process. For exemple, there is no possibility for an ERP to try different scenarios to be able to predict shortages, whereas advanced planning and scheduling systems can.

DELMIA Ortems is the advanced planning and scheduling solution of Dassault Systèmes.

In order to challenge the limits of ERPs and MRPs, new technologies such as the Internet Of Things (IOT) are now being adapted for the use of industries. IOT gives new capabilities to manufacturers. The benefit of advanced planning and scheduling systems is that they are offering new technologies adaptable to the common ERPs to give the opportunity for manufacturers to minimize their costs, optimize their resources and improve their customer service. For example, factories such as LAVIGNE and MCPP have seen their operations increased and their costs optimized thanks to their use of the DELMIA Ortems solution.

Advanced planning and scheduling systems seems to be real decision-making tools for manufacturers in all industries. The data they gather allows them to fully represent the reality of the plant floor. The factories can be more flexible, reduce their cycle times, predict non-productive periods etc… Said in other words, the advanced planning and scheduling systems are a solution to remain competitive because they will help you improve your production in many aspects. While their competitors are using advanced planning and scheduling systems to reduce their costs and increase their effectiveness, manufacturers can not sit back and not working on improving their competitiveness.

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