With SIMULIA, the first boat will be the one!


Keonys, a consulting and integration firm of lifecycle management solutions for PLM products and the first global distributor Dassault Systèmes solutions, has signed a new contract with Ecoceane, Breton SMEs, which designs and markets multi-purpose vessels for collection of hydrocarbons and floating solid waste at sea. Ecoceane, the market leader, reached a new stage with 3D simulation.


After choosing the CATIA, DELMIA and 3DVIA solutions to accelerate its performance in the design, manufacture and marketing of its ships, the French offshore skimmer Ecoceane now operates the 3D digital model for the simulation.


With the SIMULIA solution, we will use the suction capacity of oil from our boats. We previously had many iterations and modifications that made us lose precious time. Our new projects lead us to build ships becoming bigger, from 40 to 70 meters, and in the same manufacturing delays, or 12 months.

Benjamin Rondeau, naval architect and head of the research department at Ecoceane.
He continued: “SIMULIA Experts from Keonys, helped us to solve new industrial constraints and build a complete simulation chain integrating software, services and hardware. Thanks to SIMULIA we can achieve more reliable systems and appropriate modifications. We will bi-validate the proper operation of the ship in operating condition without prior recourse to the launch of a prototype. This will allow us to design the right boat at the first time, representing a huge save time to accelerate our innovation.”


«We are very pleased with the rise of Ecoceane, a French start-up that is bold, innovative technology choices to win new market share and expand its reputation to many foreign countries,” says Jacques Bacry, Vice President , Solutions and Services at Keonys. “We support the development of SIMULIA Ecoceane since 2010. SIMULIA comes to complements their PLM information system and enable them to optimize development cycles, design and manufacture their products, real lever for growth and competitiveness for our client.»


About Ecoceane

Ecoceane dedicated for 10 years exclusively for research, development, construction and marketing of multi-purpose vessels, of which it holds the patent for the collection of hydrocarbons and floating solid waste at sea. The scope extends to ports, the coasts, lakes and rivers, oil industries, offshore and polar interventions.


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