CENIT-KEONYS organizes its digital INNOVATION DAY, an emblematic event around the latest digital technologies in the industry on March 23, 2021. The day will focus on the benefits of digital continuity to innovate more and better through a unique, collaborative and connected environment. Our customers, partners and experts will enlighten you on the positive impact of the implementation of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and on CENIT-KEONYS customized solutions and offers to make this trip a real success. Let’s zoom in on the Automotive Industry

The new uses of mobility, the health crisis and the climate emergency are key factors to reinvent the Automotive industry of tomorrow. This dynamic can be explained, among other things, by considerable investments in Research and Development to design and manufacture more ecological cars, new mobilities in line with new market requirements while controlling costs. Many players in the field have already transformed their industrial processes and intensified their extensive collaboration thanks to digital tools. The post-pandemic era is opening up new horizons for collaboration between societal, environmental and industrial stakeholders.


We asked Jens Steinbuß, Senior Account Manager Transportation & Mobility industry, to highlight the digital transformation success factors in 5 questions




1.What are the main challenges the automotive industry has to face?

JS: The changes in the automotive industry are progressing so rapidly that many companies are struggling with them on their own. The diesel affair and now also the lockdowns caused by the pandemic pose enormous challenges for many companies.

We have noticed that it is precisely because of these challenges that some people want to prepare for it and are now dealing much more intensively with the topic of digitalization.

2.How can digital continuity take control of the new paradigms? In terms of business processes?

JS: Today’s increasing demands from various areas also influence the processes. Know-how that has developed over many years, often from individual persons, has to be distributed and retained more and more company-wide in order to maintain and improve continuity in the business process.

3. Explain how 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a growth driver

JS: Digitalization in industry brings definitely more process efficiency. In fact, it can hardly be worse than producing an error because you are working with an already outdated data set. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, different departments from product development, simulation and manufacturing to sales and purchasing are working on the same platform with always up-to-date data. We are convinced that the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform saves time, prevents errors and offers a lot more potential for a company, regardless of location and job, thanks to the central administration and global cooperation.

4.What are the main benefits for the automotive industry?

JS: The information and documents are transparent and updated at all times in the central database by 3DEXPERIENCE® and valuable improvements and savings are made. We are talking about the “Single Source of Truth”

The focus here is on a common goal, the achievement of a faster “time to market” with more innovation and quality.

5.The role the cloud will play in this transformation

JS: How the role of the cloud will play out in the automotive industry in the future cannot really be foreseen at the moment. Of course, especially in a phase like this with a pandemic, the cloud offers excellent opportunities. We will continue to follow the developments. In any case, we are ready and can support our customers on their way to digitalization, also in the direction of the cloud

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