KEONYS supports you in the implementation of your PLM project

KEONYS puts at your disposal all its history and its skills to support you in the development of your products and their maintenance.


Our experience and perfect knowledge of our customers have enabled our experts to design offers adapted to each industry, field and problem.


From the standard offer to our specific proposals, we respond to all your product development needs and accompany you in meeting your industrial challenges.


From the study of your PLM project, through the analysis of high added value business solutions, integration, proper application of solutions, technical support and skills development; discover all our offers below.



The CDA offer, Company Digital Alignment

CDA – Company Digital Alignment, is a consulting solution designed to unite teams around a common PLM project and achieve the company’s strategic objectives.


How to detect your real PLM needs well in advance

This offer allows you to establish, with the support of KEONYS, your “PLM vision”.

Our consultants offer you a real PLM roadmap. They start from your industrial challenges, take into account your organisation, your business and your information system to determine the priority axes for improving your processes and the PLM solutions and tools supporting them.

On this shared basis, our consultants build a structured and concrete implementation project.



The 4 steps of cooperation of a CDA study – Company Digital Alignment

  • Framing (definition of key players and major issues)
  • Observation (identification of business needs and operational issues)
  • Guidance (definition of PLM initiatives, priorities and recommendations)
  • Sharing (action plan, benefits, investment rationale, decision)



Our support solution, called Company Digital Alignment, is a complete approach with high added value. It takes into account both the strategic challenges and expectations of a company’s management and the operational needs of all employees and organizations. We have defined and documented a rich and detailed methodology that guarantees each of our clients a reliable PLM roadmap that generates a return on investment.

Philippe DELAHAYE – PLM Business Consultant, KEONYS

The feasibility study

Each PLM domain now has a dedicated solution to ensure its value based on your real needs.


Our experts work with you to determine the job cases that will be used to create the 3D and documentary deliverables necessary to demonstrate the value of the proposed solution in your business context and to bring you the key benefits identified by the study.


You thus have all the information you need to take the solution best suited to your challenges.

The implementation

We offer you the ideal solution to implement a flexible and scalable collaboration platform without risk.



How to control and access in real time the status of your product development project?

Thanks to our agile deployment method, you can access at any time the real-time status of your PLM deployment project and the associated technical file.


During large-scale project deployments with our industrial clients, KEONYS consultants identified common practices in document management and the configuration of the technical file by the various multi-site project teams, design offices, purchasing departments and production.


As an example for the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, we rely on the following functionalities:

  • A management and a control of coherence of the technical file by project
  • An organization by roles to manage access rights and control information changes
  • An intuitive Web 2.0 platform and a multi-site repository to bring teams together
  • A secure, open, flexible and scalable architecture that encourages exchanges with the Information System
  • A preconfigured solution, compatible with Dassault Systèmes’ strategy, and scalable


Our Agile Project Implemention offer takes advantage of a set of best practices observed among our customers. We have packaged them around an “implementation kit” to enable all SME / ETI manufacturers to manage their projects effectively, and significantly reduce development times through more efficient collaboration.

Francis AUGIER – Services Development & Presales Manager, KEONYS

KEONYS support

All our offers are designed to secure the achievements and improve the performance of your PLM teams and tools.


We guarantee the operability of the implemented projects thanks to two solutions:

  • The KEO ASSESS offer: to develop the PLM skills of your teams on a dedicated web platform
  • The KEO SUPPORT offer: to obtain the right solution for each situation thanks to a contract and a dedicated multilingual technical team.

Find the details of these offers here.



With the reform of training, employee skills development is at the heart of the system. KEONYS provides its customers with tools but also training adapted to the development needs of your employees. KEONYS, Training Gold Partner of DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, is 3 centers, and 20 trainers certified in their field. Our training is a real lever of quality and skills development.

Sabrina LEGUE – Training Manager, KEONYS

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