All the stakeholders involved in manufacturing and the supply chain are looking for solutions to meet a wide range of technological and environmental challenges. Cost control, business performance, sustainability — these and other imperatives need to be considered, and that means making critical decisions. This is where digital twins and digital simulation come in. Our experts shed light on new areas of exploration. With Franck Eichenberger, Business Development Director, KEONYS and Peter Hinkel, Business Development Director, CENIT.


Reinventing manufacturing

To dramatically reduce a product’s environmental footprint, its entire lifecycle must be taken into account — from the choice of materials to manufacturing processes, transportation, product use, and end-of-life management and recycling. ESG strategies and growing popular awareness about the need to take action pose a new challenge for industry players: they must prove their policies work.

A digital continuity solution like the Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform ensures end-to-end traceability of all design and manufacturing phases”, points out Franck Eichenberger. It encompasses all these aspects, enabling manufacturers to embark on a complete transformation of their processes quickly and effectively. “The platform enables organizations to gather and consolidate their data, and most of all to pull together the creative energies across their teams via a single, reliable and resilient hub,” explains Peter Hinkel.


Federating and unifying

Exploring new avenues to minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities is not just a matter of science and digital solutions. Our two experts are adamant : “This transformation also necessarily entails a complete overhaul of organizational approaches. The digital twin and digital continuity solutions are helping speed up the transformation. And to be more sustainable, industry must be more efficient, which means breaking down all silos and uniting the strengths of teams across all areas. It’s this collective momentum that drives the most ingenious solutions.”


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