Sustainability at Unbrick means designing homes that are as nature-friendly as possible. This Dutch company, founded in 2020, favours a circular approach to the economy, supported by digital tools to ensure digital continuity in its product development processes. A holistic vision of the world of construction to reconcile sustainability and innovation. Interview with Krijn Smits, Unbrick’s Brand & CX Director


Being an actor in the transformation

“Better by nature » means that wood accounts for 80% of the building materials and the houses generate more energy than they consume. “As advanced and committed as we are in preserving the environment, we must continuously improve by challenging our practices and our models.” The use of digital technologies, with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, is a lever for differentiation to meet two major objectives: “zero tolerance” and “zero defect”. Digitizing its processes from end-to-end enabled Unbrick to develop collaborative design, improve efficiency and create complex assembly instructions.


Building a better world 

To become the most innovative developer of sustainable homes, Unbrick chooses wood rather than polluting materials such as concrete and plastic, reducing the home’s energy requirements while protecting the environment. It’s a state of mind which consists in going further together.

The internal discussions don’t only focus on business topics to optimize our industrial processes but also on the individual improvements that each of us, whatever the generation, can make to move toward a more sustainable model.”


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