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Nowadays, digitalization is everywhere and even more so in the current context of the pandemic crisis. Companies were forced to find solutions to keep working together and innovating while working away from the office. So even though you were not familiar with digitalization, the chances arenow you are. Does that make it less complex to implement at company level? Well, probably not. This is why we chose to condense our expertise into a web-serie of 5 episodes giving you the keys to a successful digital transformation. Ulysses will guide you through the journey until you reach your final destination. Are you ready? 


Keeping up with innovation  

Being able to innovate is most definitely the biggest challenge a company is facing – from designing high-performance products to cost-effective production and customers satisfaction. To face these challenges, it is essential for companies to adapt and modernize their production tool and digital transformation proves to be a powerful support to help them reach that goal. As the backbone of their strategy towards innovation, digitalization orchestrates technological solutions, processes and human resources through increased collaboration for a better efficiency. Does this resonate with you? Are you willing to take up that challenge?  

With this last question comes a lot more questions. To give you some of the answers, we invite you to follow the adventures of Ulysses who is progressing the meanders of digital transformation. In this web-serie and through the 5 episodes, Ulysses shines a light on the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in the industry. Every step he takes helps him build the roadmap to succeed. Your roadmap to success 


Digital transformationAn holistic approach 

To support your drive for digital transformation, we have defined simple steps to take you there. From the definition of your PLM vision to the implementation of your project and the buy-in of your collaborators, we want to demonstrate that as complex as digital transformation is, it is within your reach.  

First of all, it is important to define your vision: where you are now and where you want to be in order to develop a PLM project in line with your objectives. A first step to help you stay the course on your journey. Once your strategic vision is defined, you are at liberty to choose the right solution and the type of infrastructure suited for you. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is one of those solutions. Available on the cloud or on premise, it offers a powerful collaborative environment accessible from anywhere, at any time.  You can now design, simulate, manufacture and sell your products easily and share your data across all your teams. Collaboration is stronger, innovation is faster.  

Even though digital transformation may only seem about technology, there is another important aspect that shouldn’t be minimized: the human side of digital transformation. Indeed, it’s important to keep in mind that digital transformation can only be achieved if all the talents of company are combined. In that sense, it is fundamental to involve the teams and to accompany them transform as well.  

As one of the leading partners of Dassault Systèmes, we can guide you throughout your journey and help you define your vision, advise on the solution to choose, deploy it with you and for you and assist your teams to develop their skills.  


Do you want to know more about the journey that’s ahead of you? Follow Ulysses in his innovation Odyssey and start your own!


Why Ulysses?  

Because he’s an emblematic figure going from one adventure to the next and no matter which challenges he has to face, he bravely takes up those challenges as they will take him to his final destination. Thanks to his strength, his courage, his management ability he will make it to Ithaca to find his beloved Penelope 

Just as Ulysses ‘journey in Homer’s Odyssey, the journey toward digital transformation is not an easy one. You will have to overcome many challenges: lots of changes in the way people work, in the implementation of new business processes… But this adventure will lead the entire company towards one same goal: the desire to imagine and design useful products and services in line with the new requirements of a globalized market. 


Ready to digitalize your company? episode 1 web series