Second Episode: Why is industry shifting to the cloud? – yuri Feedback

yuri made the spontaneous choice to use the power of the Cloud to guarantee excellence in microgravity research programms. The young German start-up is convinced by the benefits that microgravity brings to specific domains such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and electronics. But in order to develop and offer tailor-made missions and programms in constantly evolving sectors, yuri invests in the latest digital technologies on the Cloud

Just like our daily reflexes on social and business networks, streaming video, storing our photos, the Cloud is winning over the industrial sector, which sees many advantages. Yuri highlighted those 4 topics in particular: economic streamlining, financial pragmatism, flexible uses and scalable features,

As a startup, we had an overwhelming need to launch our business quickly, using only limited financial resources”, explains Philipp Schulien, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, yuri. “In addition, because the platform is scalable, we can expand the spectrum of features whenever necessary.”


Agility and Innovation

The challenge of a small team to stay the course of innovation requires to rationalize energies and to be concentrated in its core business. Yuri has no desire to waste time and money in the deployment of an on-site solution and in the maintenance of a complex PLM system. Furthermore, the accessibility to the data in real time increases collaboration and productivity.

« During the COVID-19 crisis, our Cloud solution was extremely beneficial to us, because it allowed our designers to keep working from home, without disrupting our business”, emphasises Philipp Schulien.

The ability of teams to remain operational wherever they are and the synchronisation of data enabling all files to be shared with all employees are major assets for optimising costs and boosting innovation.


To find out more, read yuri testimonial in the White Paper: THE CLOUD, A performance Booster for Industry