The Factory of the Future, for what needs? Simulation, digital twin, MES, MOS and IoT

The factory of the future, digital factory, digital factory, or factory 4.0… the terms are numerous to speak of modernization of the industrial tool. These evolutions are made possible thanks to new key technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality

And at the same time, tomorrow’s plant is much more than technology. It is a different way of organizing work to optimize its production process and anticipate hazards. So technology is a tool, but what key organizational needs does it address?

Your objective n°5 : React in real time to what is happening in your workshop

What’s at stake?

A production which decreases, delivery times too short,… All this can be caused by machine malfunctions, an under-optimized resource utilization rate, an increase in scrap,… So how do you find out in time?

How’s it going today?

Today, manufacturers are seeking operational excellence, greater flexibility and part of a continuous improvement process. In a context of digital continuity, it is fundamental to meet these challenges, to provide the right information to the right person, at the right time, to make the right decision.
Franck Eichenberger, Business Development Manufacturing at KEONYS

The information is reported by the men, in a tight timing, but that remains subject to the times of information processing by each resource…

Tomorrow, how will it be? 

Everything is digitized: incidents are analysed and resolved more quickly, and we know exactly what is happening in the plant.

The benefits? 

Be as reactive as possible in the event of malfunctions and optimize your production rate.