[EVENT] TESTIMONIAL – ARC will testify on the 19th June, at the Digital Innovation Day by KEONYS – Tuesdau 19, June – Dassault Systèmes Campus


Collaboration is what made ARC’s digital transformation a success, thanks to Dassault Systèmes solution : ENOVIA

ARC  is, since 1825, specialized in designing, manufacturing, and distributing tableware through 6  brands for both the general public and professional one (Arcopal, Cristal d’Arques Paris, Luminarc, Eclat, Arcoroc and Chef&Sommelier). Its expertise resides in the design, the innovation and distribution of glasswork jobs and for every type of glass.

For more than 10 years, Anne Moyaux has been in charge of the CAD/CAM team of the ARC group. She is telling us how did the company end up using different Dassault Systèmes Solutions :

  • CATIA, together with SmarTeam, to manage data and the associated designs (more than 4 millions parts a day).
  • ENOVIA to make multisite collaborative work easier (4 countries : France, China, United States, and Emirates) and to be sure of the perfect continuity of the files created in CATIA.

For what benefits ? 

  • Multisite collaboration
  • Only one database
  • A considerable financial saving thanks to reusing the tools
  • Reducing product development time
  • The autonomy of the different branches for the design of poducts and tools

Discover in detail the challenge of digital transformation for ARC on the 19th of June 2018: 

Anne Moyaux will attempt our next panel discussion during the unmissable event about the digital transformation of SMBs and Medium-sized companies, the Digital Innovation Day organized by KEONYS on Dassault Systèmes Campus, on Tuesday 19th of June 2018. 

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