CENIT-KEONYS organizes its digital INNOVATION DAY, an emblematic event around the latest digital technologies in the industry on March 23, 2021. The day will focus on the benefits of digital continuity to innovate more and better through a unique, collaborative and connected environment. Our customers, partners and experts will enlighten you on the positive impact of the implementation of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and on CENIT-KEONYS customized solutions and offers to make this trip a real success. Let’s zoom in on the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

The new uses of mobility, the health crisis and the climate emergency are key factors to reinvent the Aerospace and Defense industry of the future. This dynamic can be explained, among other things, by considerable investments in Research and Development to design and manufacture aircraft faster and in line with new market requirements while controlling costs. Many players in the field have already transformed their industrial processes and intensified their extensive collaboration thanks to digital tools. The post-pandemic era is opening up new horizons for collaboration between societal, environmental and industrial stakeholders.



We asked Tim Maxin, Account Manager Aerospace and Defense Industry, CENIT, to highlight the digital transformation success factors in 5 questions.



1. What are the main challenges the aerospace industry has to face?

A year ago, no one would have thought that within a few weeks we would be facing such a crisis that would change our entire industry for long time.

During the pandemic, the employees who were able to go on working from home could do it thanks to digital processes yet in place in their company. The activity has never stopped. This situation will have a positive impact on the management to go even further and to accelerate digitalization in all their business processes.

We can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand and wait, but on the contrary, the current crisis is an opportunity to ramp up flexibility to meet the market demand.

2. How can digital continuity take control of the new paradigms? In terms of business processes?

In a time in which the demands of the market are subject to constant change and alternative, the adaptation to new business models is no longer a wish but it becomes a necessity. It is crucial to achieve a project faster with the right results at all times with native data and consistent lean processes.

3.Explain how 3DEXPERIENCE® platform of DS is a growth driver?

Digitalization in industry brings definitely more process efficiency. In fact, it can hardly be worse than producing an error because you are working with an already outdated data set. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, different departments from product development, simulation and manufacturing to sales and purchasing are working on the same platform with always up-to-date data. We are convinced that the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform brings more innovation thanks to connection/collaboration at any time, whatever the location and the job.

4.What are the main benefits for all the players of Aerospace and Defense industry?

Digital transformation improves quality and collaboration. Just as different departments of a company are working together collaboratively within the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform in continuous processes, communication within the supply chain is also streamlined and simplified.  This leads, for example, to considerable quality improvements and a significantly faster time to market. The supply chain is facing great and amazing challenges to be able not only to satisfy OEMs supplier programs but also to position itself as experts in new growth markets.

5.What role will the cloud play in this transformation?

In the course of digitalization and also in relation to our learning from last year, we have understood how important it is to have easy and secure access to the required data at all times. Cloud makes it possible to access our development data from a wide range of devices and operating systems from anywhere in the world. Today, we are still discussing cloud in the product development process, but in a few years, I believe it will no longer be a question, but just as natural as alternative drives.

To know more about the challenges of the aerospace industry, you can chat with Tim Maxin at our Innovation Day on March 23rd!